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We’re looking for the next generation of industry-leading financial bloggers. Get three months of free data when you join our Blogger Program, plus exposure to our audience of developers and fintech experts.

What is it?

We’re looking for exceptional bloggers in the fintech space. If you write for developers and leverage financial data, we want to meet you. Don’t have an audience yet? No problem – use this time to build one. Already have an audience? Great! The more people you refer to Intrinio, the more you save on our full range of data feeds and products.

What do we expect from participants?

Participants in the Blogger Program must cite and link to the appropriate Intrinio page when referencing Intrinio-provided data in their blog. There is no obligation to purchase any data feeds, and bloggers can leave the program at any time.

Additionally, we require participants to write one guest post for the Intrinio blog each month. Your guest posts will be shared with our email list of 10,000+ data users and 2,500+ social media followers. Plus, we allow for two links back to your blog.

Our writer guidelines

Before you write

  • Know our audience

    Our audience is made up of developers and fintech entrepreneurs who are looking for better, faster, or more innovative ways to generate value from financial data.

  • Send us your pitch

    We encourage guest bloggers to generate topics that fit their own perspective and expertise. Send us a brief summary of your topic before writing so we can ensure it’s a good fit for our readers.

  • Contact us with your questions

    You can reach us at

While you write

  • Adhere to our style

    Our blogs are casual and engaging – be intelligent, but not uptight.

  • Give credit

    Check your facts and quotations. Cite the original sources.

  • Make it concrete

    Give examples, details, and metrics.

  • Write just long enough to make your point

    We aim for 800-1000 words, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule – write as long as you need to educate readers.

  • Include no more than two backlinks to your blog

     We allow two DoFollow links to your own content within the article.

  • Disclose any relationship you have with links or sources in article

     Intrinio does not allow links to gated content, but we do allow ungated links to articles and blogs that illustrate a point in your blog.

After you write

  • Include images

    Please submit at least one complementary image in JPEG or PNG format along with your post. Screenshots or code that allow audiences to follow along are also valuable.

  • Send the blog for review

    When you join the Blogger Program, we’ll give you instructions on how to submit your articles within our blogging system.

  • Make edits

    We’ll respond with any edits within five business days. After receiving edits from us, please make the necessary changes within five business days.

  • Follow our guidelines for republishing

    We retain sole publishing rights for your blog for three months. After that time has elapsed, you may republish it to your own blog or elsewhere online with a “this post first appeared on” note linking back to Intrinio’s blog.

  • Share away!

    You’re welcome to promote like crazy on social media.

A few more notes

  • Submissions must meet the Intrinio blogging team’s quality standards to get published. We reserve the right to ask for content to be rewritten.

  • Intrinio reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest post as we see fit and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

  • Intrinio reserves the right to include links and calls-to-action to Intrinio content within the guest post.

So, about this free data...

Eligible bloggers receive our US Core Market Data package free for three months. Exceptional participants may have their access extended. Here’s what’s included:

Standardized & as reported US fundamentals
End of day (EOD) US stock prices
Real-time IEX stock prices
BATS 15-min delayed stock prices
Intraday stock prices (historical at the second level)
Reference data for US companies
Security master with multiple symbologies

Free for 3 months

Ready to get to work?

We can’t wait to have you in the Blogger Program!