Which Widget Works for You?

Courtney Kiely
November 4, 2019

Besides being a fun word to say (go ahead, try it), what purpose do widgets serve? Read on to learn more about the world of widgets – what they are, which one is right for your needs, and where you can try widgets out for free.  

What are widgets?

Widgets are a simple, visually pleasing way to display data. Let’s face it – most people don’t enjoy staring at endless strings of numbers (but if you do, we don’t judge). Widgets allow your audience to digest complex data more quickly and find value in the information, even if they’re not experts on the topic. In the world of financial data, widgets often display useful information about stock prices, such as current prices, percent change, and price history. 

Which widget is the winner for you?

The Inline Ticker Summary
Inline Ticker Summary

The inline ticker summary displays info about a security when hovering over the ticker, including volume, dividend yield, and market cap. This makes it perfect for financial news stories and blog posts, since the inline ticker summary allows you to show a company’s ticker and price without diverting readers from your content.  

The Ticker Summary
Ticker Summary

Ticker summaries display the current price of the ticker chosen. Their simplicity makes them perfect for financial news sites and blogs – the ticker summary can be displayed next to or weaved into content for a sleek, engaging view of important stock data.  

The Ticker Tape
Ticker Tape

Ticker tape widgets show a scrolling ticker tape of multiple tickers and their current prices and percent changes. Ticker tape runs seamlessly along the bottom of TV news programs and video content to add value without distracting your viewers.  

The Small Stock Chart
Small Stock Chart

The small stock chart offers a quick look at stock prices over the last week of any company on hover. We recommend this kind of widget for financial news sites and investor relations sites. The small stock chart is a versatile tool to give readers an at-a-glance understanding of stock movement.  

The Full Stock Chart
Full Stock Chart

The full stock chart displays a large stock chart for a single ticker. Users can choose the parameters for the stock chart, from the last month to all available data. Use this for intranets and investor relations sites; the full stock chart gives employees and investors an easy-to-absorb view of your stock or stocks relevant to your operations.  

Want to try widgets without the wild prices?

Widgets make life easier for your visitors by simplifying complex data – and Intrinio makes your life easier by offering free widgets. Our no-cost widgets feature Intrinio branding and allow for 1,000 daily views. Plus, you can choose from three professional color schemes to match the existing visual theme of your website or blog. 

Need a little more firepower? Our paid plans start at only $9 a month and offer daily views from 5,000 to unlimited. We also build, host, and service fully customized widgets to bring your vision to life. 

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