Track the Market Impact of Coronavirus with These Feeds

Chelsea Caltuna
March 16, 2020

First things first: the team at Intrinio hopes that everyone is staying safe during this time, and we are thinking of our users and their families. 

COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, is impacting the financial ecosystem in dramatic ways. Its effects on the stock market, local businesses, and large corporations will likely be felt for some time. While it’s impossible to predict where the global economy will be when the dust settles, Intrinio provides several data feeds that help you track the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and prepare your business for its implications further down the line.

If you need information about coronavirus and its impact on publicly traded companies: 

Naviga News 

Naviga’s real-time news feed allows you to see how North America-based companies are reacting to COVID-19. Press releases and other news items are organized by ticker and tagged to let you easily search for the news that is important to your business. Need global news? Talk to our team(Real-time feeds are available for business use cases only.) 

US Financial Statement Notes 

The financial statement notes feed allows you to text search through more than 6.4 million XBRL notes and disclosures in 10-K and 10-Q filings. This data is updated quarterly, making it ideal for tracking companies who rely heavily on China for their supply chain operations (such as Apple) and were aware of Coronavirus in Q4 19. 

Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events 

As an increasing number of companies transition to work-from-home, important communication about COVID-19 will take place over conference calls. This corporate events feed offers corporate action dates for 6,000+ companies, including conference call dates and broadcast URLs.

If you need data to inform investment decisions during the pandemic: 

OPRA Real-Time Options Prices 

Our real-time options pricing feed consolidates options prices from 15 exchanges (including NYSE, CBOE, Nasdaq, BATS, and more) and delivers that data in a low latency format. The feed includes the latest ask, bid, and sale price for options contracts. (Real-time feeds are available for business use cases only.) 

COMEX Real-Time Futures 

This feed provides real-time futures prices from the COMEX contract market for precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper, lead, aluminum, and zinc. Follow intraday price movements for 50 futures and options contracts. (Real-time feeds are available for business use cases only.) 

NYMEX Real-Time Futures Prices 

Use this real-time futures prices feed to access 500 options and futures benchmarks from the NYMEX contract market for electricity, oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and biofuels, plus agriculture futures like cocoa, coffee, and cotton. (Real-time feeds are available for business use cases only.)

Advanced Healthcare Insight 

Get insights on medical and healthcare information before it affects the market. This feed includes preclinical, clinical, and commercial information. The Advanced Healthcare Insight feed is only available to members of our Prophet community.  

If you want to know what industry professionals are saying: 

Lean on the experts’ analyses with these feeds: 

With the right information and advanced planning (not panic), your business can weather COVID-19. Don’t see the data you need listed here? Visit our Financial Data Marketplace or talk to our team to find the right feed for your business.