Top Ways Clients Use Intrinio's Data

By Briana Christina
March 31, 2022

Use Intrinio’s data to build something revolutionary.

Intrinio’s advanced technology and financial data is being used across multiple sectors of the financial technology industry for different purposes each day. Our data is positively transforming the way businesses operate and innovate, and we’re excited to share how our expansive data collections are currently being used. Below are the top ways financial businesses, platforms, and institutions have been using our powerful data to transform the fintech industry.

Financial institutions and research platforms rely on Intrinio’s fundamentals and historical stock market data.

Investment and research platforms such as Whale Wisdom and Lifeworks Advisors use our fundamental and historical stock data for automating trading strategies, back-testing and system development, prediction making, and for technical analysis. Access a multitude of fundamental stock data and make better business decisions with our reliable standardized financial statements, hundreds of financial metrics and ratios, economic data, and much more supplementary data. Check out our affordable equities packages to learn more.

Trading platforms depend on our real-time data collections.

If you’re looking for data to support your stock market trading platform, you’re in the right place! Olive and OptionsSwing are empowering a vast generation of investors and traders with the help of our real-time market data. Check out our filtered US options packages to learn more.

Educational, social, and retail platforms use our stock and option data to power their digital platforms.

It’s now easier than ever to plug our stock and option data into your platform. Domain Money has successfully used our data to create a “secure wealth-building platform” that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks. Learn more about our different financial data packages to find out how you can use our data to power your crypto or trading platform.

Leverage Intrinio’s data on the blockchain to power the future of DeFi.

Are you a blockchain technology enthusiast? Intrinio is thrilled to be a part of the blockchain world, and now you can quickly access a multitude of equity market data to power the future of decentralized finance. Top companies such as ChainLink and SmartContract incorporate our data to do the very same thing. Learn more about our equities packages to find out how your business can join the blockchain industry with the help of our financial data.

Redefine investing by using our data to power your AI, ML, or algorithmic trading platform.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithmic based strategies are transforming the fintech sector and the way market’s function. For instance, Alquant uses our data for equity and volatility investing purposes, quantitative methods, and artificial intelligence. Then there’s Ziggma, a portfolio management application that has made investing easy, through the incorporation of our data.

Enhance the consulting work you do for financial firms by applying our powerful data.  

Businesses such as Blackmar and Unified Microsystems are using our equity market data for software development, customized financial solutions, and workflow solutions. Check out our various equities packages and start your own management firm with our dynamic feeds and data collection.

Use Intrinio stock and corporate data internally to power various services and products.

Our equities market data is being used internally to power amazing companies such as HubSpot and Oracle. Launch your own intelligence platform and create something special with our robust assortment of data.

What will you create with our massive collection of data?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to founding and launching a platform or business. We’re a leading data provider for a reason and genuinely look forward to seeing what others can build with our financial data. It’s inspiring to see the various ways our data and services are being used, and whether you’re a hedge fund investor, news station, or an educational organization, our comprehensive data packages can help you build something incredible. If you’d like to find out more information on our data feeds and packages, please reach out today and one of our experts will get in touch with you soon.

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