Stay Ahead of Competitors with Reliable ETF Data [Silver]

By Intrinio
September 15, 2022

ETF Silver Data Package

Intrinio's Silver ETF Data Package is built for various fintech businesses such as wealth managers, institutional investors, academics, and financial marketers. It allows startups and individuals to provide their users with increased insights and awareness of thousands of ETFs.

This full-service solution offers:  

  • 11 ETF Metadata Attributes
  • 7 ETF Statistical Attributes
  • 6 ETF Analytics Attributes
  • Top Ten ETF Holdings for U.S. ETFs

You will also have access to our wide range of modern access methods, web API, and CSV file downloads, support from our team, and much more.

High-Quality Data

The ETF data provided by Intrinio is collected, standardized, and constructed by CFRA, an independent research firm that provides financial analysis and data for the global investment community. CFRA has constructed and improved upon a rigorous standardization process, providing industry-leading ETF data since 2002 and ensuring data robustness and integrity across all ETF endpoints.

Expert Assistance

Our Silver ETF data package gives subscribers leverage to our experience to save months of research and calls. Understand your costs upfront and get connected to the data without unnecessary headaches.


Internal, Display, and/or Redistribution licensing is determined on a case-by-case basis; contact Sales to discuss the licensing available for your use case.

Advanced Tools for Developers

We offer the best data tools on the market for developers and engineers. We provide step-by-step documentation, syntax builders, and more to streamline onboarding and integration.  

  • Delivery via Web API access and CSV downloads
  • SDKs in Python, R, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and Java

Resources Readily Available to Clients

What are the benefits of the ETF Silver Package?

  • Web API access and CSV downloads
  • 2,000 API calls/minute limit  
  • Access to third-party datasets via Intrinio API (additional fees required)
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Live chat & email support

How to partner with Intrinio for ETF data

We strive to make the process smooth, allowing you time to do what you are good at… innovating. Signing up for a free trial and chatting with the team is easy. We will help you understand the right data solution for your business needs and budget. We have a market data solution for most business use cases. Our data experts drastically simplify the process of licensing and integrating market data by working closely with you from sourcing to integration. Our dedicated personal Customer Success team is available for questions and concerns, making the onboarding and integration experience seamless. Plus, you will get our full suite of tools and comprehensive support from a fully US-based team.

Our flexible data plans allow you to scale as you grow. If you are interested in our Exchange-Traded Funds Gold Package, reach out today, and a data expert will be in touch with you shortly. You can also learn more about our ETF products here.

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