See the Bigger Picture with Our End-of-Day Stock Price API

Chelsea Caltuna
March 11, 2020

Sometimes, you don’t need a play-by-play – you just want to watch the highlights. That’s why Intrinio offers end-of-day stock price data for top exchanges in the US and globally.

Here’s the lowdown on what we offer, how to access our EOD feeds, and more.

What EOD stock prices feeds does Intrinio offer?

Intrinio provides EOD stock prices for the following regions:

Looking for a full-spectrum solution? Intrinio’s US Core Market Data bundle includes end-of-day US stock prices as well as real-time and intraday stock prices, fundamentals, and more.

How do you access EOD stock prices feeds?

Users can access end of day stock prices by making API calls through our REST API. We offer the API Explorer to help you easily explore our coverage and build the correct syntax for your desired calls. Your EOD stock prices plan has a set number of REST API calls that you can make per minute and per day – if you’re a business user, talk to our team to design a plan with custom API limits.

Intrinio also provides official SDKs in these programming languages:

Do you need EOD stock prices feeds?

How and where do customers use our EOD stock prices feeds?

Portfolio management. Manage long-term investments for yourself or your clients with end-of-day prices from the top exchanges in the US and across the globe.

Market analysis. Quants and financial analysts can incorporate EOD stock price data into their analyses for thousands of companies.   

Fintech applications. Help users make informed decisions by running EOD prices through your fintech website (like MarketBeat) or mobile app.

end of day stock prices

Why get EOD stock prices from Intrinio?

One-stop-shopping. Get EOD stock prices from top US and global stock exchanges in one easy-to-use data marketplace.

A data partnership. Providers come and go. Intrinio offers ongoing support for a long and healthy partnership.

Better pricing. We offer the same high-quality EOD stock price data without the astronomical prices of other providers.

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