Introducing the Intrinio Real-Time Stock Price SDK for NodeJS

Andrew Carpenter
February 7, 2017

Intrinio is pleased to announce our official SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices, written for NodeJS:

The SDK allows you to quickly and easily bring real-time stock quotes into your NodeJS project. Simply provide your Intrinio API key and specify which companies to listen for. The SDK will handle maintaining a live WebSocket connection to the Intrinio API. The SDK will provide you with real-time stock quotes, including bid/ask/last price, order size, and execution timestamp.

'use strict';
var intriniorealtime = require('intrinio-realtime')

// create an intriniorealtime instance
var ir = new intriniorealtime({
  username: "intrinio_api_username",
  password: "intrinio_api_password",

// listen for quotes
ir.onquote(quote => {
  var { ticker, type, price, size, timestamp } = quote
  console.log("quote: ", ticker, type, price, size, timestamp)

// join channels
ir.join("aapl", "msft", "ge")

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