Pull Thousands of Insights in a Fraction of a Second with the Answers API

Chelsea Caltuna
August 3, 2021

If you had to answer these questions, how long would it take you?

“What are Apple’s competitive advantages?”
“Who has Coca-Cola recently acquired?”
“What are Tesla’s diversity and inclusion challenges?”

It would probably take you a full-time analyst, reading dozens of SEC documents over the course of a few days.

Intrinio’s Answers API can answer that question in a fraction of a second.

This new data tool delivers real answers to semantic questions across the universe of US public companies. Using cutting-edge advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, our Answers API can read thousands of SEC filings just like a human would, but with exponentially greater efficiency.  

With the Answers API, powered by our proprietary AI Thea, you can add advanced AI company search to your investment research app or generate new datasets based on common ESG and sentiment-related questions.

It’s different than what’s been done before, for a couple of reasons:

1. It leverages the latest in NLP.  

Intrinio’s Answers API uses extremely recent advances in natural language processing, such as transformers, thought vectors, and nearest neighbors search. It goes beyond keyword matching and synonym expansion – the Answers API behaves like a human brain, delivering real answers.  

Since Intrinio is one of the first to offer this technology, we’ll have the longest history of learning and improvement and will continue to be the smartest, most accurate, and most robust platform over time. Our flexible architecture will also allow us to apply new NLP advances to our platform as they surface.

2. It’s dataset agnostic.

Use our SEC database, with nearly 30 years of documents including 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, correspondences, special disclosures, and notes. Or, we can integrate any natural language dataset into the Answers API for your team or customers to search.

3. It’s built for developers.

Answers are delivered via the API, not an app. Build anything you want on top of it, from a search box for analysts or external users to deep learning models. Developers will enjoy our extensive documentation and suite of tools, as well as our responsive US-based support team.

This new tool is a game-changer for everyone in the investment sphere, unlocking thousands of new insights that were previously difficult and time-intensive to uncover.

Here are a few use cases for the Answers API:


You need unique features that set your platform apart in a crowded space and offer your users features they can’t find anywhere else. You also need to consistently grow your user engagement and stay on top of alternative data trends.

With Intrinio’s Answers API, you have two ways to keep users on your platform longer and deliver exclusive insights:

1) Query the API internally to find interesting qualitative data about top public companies – i.e., top sustainability challenges in S&P 500 companies – and use that data to power charts, graphs, lists, and other visualizations inside your platform.

2) Build a search box on top of the API that seamlessly matches and works within your existing platform, allowing users to rapidly ask an enormous variety of questions about companies. This dramatically increases engagement and offers your customers alternative data that is nearly impossible to find manually.

Hedge funds

Alpha is becoming increasingly difficult for him to find through commoditized data. Traditional modelling techniques, such as linear regression, are no longer providing enough of an advantage. To compete in an increasingly crowded space, your team needs to leverage next-level tools such as natural language processing and deep learning.

You have several options to derive value from qualitative data using Intrinio’s Answers API:

1) Your development team can build a fully custom search box on top of the API that allows non-technical analysts to ask questions across the universe of stocks.

2) Analysts can query the API directly to search for concepts and generate ideas and trading themes.  

3) Analysts can ask questions, vectorize the lists of answers so they are numeric, and leverage them within a deep learning model and cluster analyses.


Internal use

For your analysts, identifying themes and finding answers about companies they’re researching is cumbersome, time-consuming, and often inaccurate.

The Answers API cuts hundreds of hours of analyst research time. Build a fully custom search box or other UI on top of the API for your analysts to ask questions across thousands of SEC documents and receive an answer within seconds.

Through an additional integration, analysts can search through any natural language dataset – including your brokerage’s proprietary data, such as research reports.

Customer-facing use

If your brokerage has a consumer-facing application, you’re likely facing heavy competition from similar platforms. Integrating the Answers API keeps your users engaged with a feature that’s not offered by your competitors.

Build a custom search box on top of the Answers API that matches the look and functionality of your brokerage’s existing application. Customers can use the box to ask questions about stocks from thousands of SEC documents and get answers within seconds.  

Intrinio can also integrate any natural language dataset to broaden the capabilities of your customer-facing search tool.

Law firms

Save days of research scouring 10-Ks and 10-Q looking for information about companies. Ask questions via API or build a custom search box to search for concepts, answer questions, and identify facts that can help you build a case.


With massive availability of information and news, finding interesting topics is increasingly difficult. Intrinio’s Answers API saves hours of research reading SEC documents. Use Intrinio’s out-of-the-box search app to get instant answers from SEC filings and identify trends, themes, and story ideas far ahead of your peers that are manually researching.


Develop a unique, impactful thesis and conduct research that sets you apart in the world of academia. Students and professors can use the Answers API within the Intrinio | Academic platform to learn the basics of API, querying data, NLP, equity research, data visualization, and more. Or, use the Answers API to develop research in the NLP space.  

We've even created seven datasets to get you started. They’re sourced from SEC filings on S&P 500 companies, and we’ve written some blogs exploring what kind of data you can pull with them.

When you subscribe to Intrinio’s Answers API, you'll have access to world-class support, including a built-in ticketing system, 5-day-a-week live chat, technical support from our CTO and engineering staff, and direct access to your customer success team.  

Ready to unlock unique insights? Request a consultation with our team.

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