Low-Cost Equities Data for Your Business [Bronze]

By Intrinio
August 5, 2022

Intrinio’s Equities Bronze Data package is built for a variety of fintech businesses and is ideal for funded companies that are in the growth or scaling stage, as well as institutions that are innovating within the fintech space.

This solution offers ten-year history of end of day stock prices and technicals, five-year history of historical end of day OTC stock prices, five-year history of standardized and as-reported financial statement data, which includes company metadata, IPO information, company news, aggregate financials by SIC code, XBRL search API, raw text filing API, and economic data.

You’ll also have access to our wide range of modern access methods, web API, file downloads (for applicable datasets), unlimited internal users, unlimited internal and external display, monthly and annual packages, access to our ticketing system and access to live chat and email support.

What is Intrinio's data sourcing process?

Traditional data firms source fundamentals with offshore workers who map statements by hand. This practice keeps costs high and leaves room for human error.

Our data sourcing and cleaning process is more advanced than anything else on the market. Here’s what our machine learning-driven approach means for you:

  • Higher data quality with minimized human error
  • Competitive prices across all our offerings
  • Delivery within minutes, not days or weeks
  • Full process control for continuous improvement

Historical End of Day and US Fundamentals

Our Bronze Equities data package offers ten-year historical end of day stock prices and technicals, five-year historical end of day OTC stock prices, and five-year history US Fundamentals data API. This tiered customized data package is our entry level designed to scale with you as your business grows.

Expert assistance

Our Bronze Equities data packages gives subscribers leverage to our experience saving months of research and calls. Understand your costs upfront and get connected to the data without unnecessary headaches.

Flexible licensing

Everyone gets unlimited internal users and unlimited internal and external display rights for our equities data.

What tools does Intrinio offer?

We offer the best data tools on the market for developers and engineers. We provide step-by-step documentation, syntax builders, and more to streamline onboarding and integration. 

  • Delivered via Web API & WebSocket
  • SDKs in Python, R, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and Java
  • Clear terms and end user display licensing

Types of resources readily available to clients:

What are the benefits of the Equities Bronze package?

  • Web API access
  • 300 API calls/minute limit  
  • Access to third-party datasets via Intrinio API (additional fees required)
  • Unlimited internal users
  • Unlimited internal & external display
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Monthly and annual packages
  • Tiered data package to scale as your business grows
  • Comarketing & promotional initiatives  

How to partner with Intrinio for Equities data

We strive to make the process smooth, allowing you time to do what you are good at…innovating.  

Signing up for a free trial and chatting with the team is easy. We'll help you understand the right market data solution for your business needs and budget. We have a market data solution for most business use cases. Our data experts drastically simplify the process of licensing and integrating market data by working closely with you from sourcing to integration. Our dedicated personal Customer Success team is available for questions and concerns making the onboarding and integration experience seamless. Plus, you’ll get our full suite of tools and comprehensive support from a fully US-based team.

Our flexible data plans allow you to scale as you grow. If you’re interested in our Equities Bronze data package reach out today and a data expert will be with you shortly. You can also learn more about our Equities products here.


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