IPO API: What it is & How to Get IPO Data From It

By Intrinio
April 10, 2023

IPO stands for “initial public offering”. It is a process where a private company becomes a publicly-traded company by offering its shares to the public for the first time. During this process, the company starts trading publicly on a stock exchange, generating “stock price” information, fundamental data, and loads of other important information that - for the first time ever - is made available to the public.

Most investors like to keep a pulse on company IPOs because it can have significant impacts on security price movements, company valuations, comps, and investment portfolios. Some investors just like to be able to check in and view the data on a website, but others integrate this information programatically into their trading algorithms, personal dashboards, or investment software.

In this article, we are going to explain what IPO data is, what an IPO API is, and how to get access this data.

What is an IPO API?

API stands for “application programming interface”. APIs are commonly used by developers and engineers to directly connect to a database or source of data. By using an API, these developers can efficiently and systematically query, store, and/or display data inside of any application. APIs are typically supported by documentation that helps you understand syntax and learn how to construct API “calls” to query data.

IPO data typically includes the name of the relevant company (like Apple, Inc.), the company ticker (like AAPL), and any upcoming and historical IPOs.

An IPO API will deliver critical this IPO information via API to end users.

Where is IPO Data Located?

As part of the IPO process, companies must file certain forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The main form that a company files with the SEC for an IPO is Form S-1. This form is also known as the Registration Statement under the Securities Act of 1933. Form S-1 contains important information about the company, such as its business model, financial statements, and risk factors. It is designed to help potential investors make informed decisions about whether to invest in the company.

In addition to Form S-1, the company may also file other forms with the SEC as part of the IPO process. For example, it may file Form 8-K to report any material events that occur after the Form S-1 is filed but before the IPO is completed. It may also file Form 10-Q or Form 10-K to provide updates on its financial performance after the IPO. Standardized, cleaned up data from the 10-Q or 10-K is available via Intrinio’s Fundamentals Packages through our API.

Overall, filing forms with the SEC is an important part of the IPO process, as it helps ensure that investors have access to accurate and transparent information about the company before deciding whether to invest. In addition to SEC forms, IPO data is often reported with the exchanges, and you can find some of it directly via websites like NASDAQ’s.

Why Get IPO Data from an IPO API

It is possible to source IPO data directly from the sources listed above, but it comes with significant challenges. These sources don’t provide API access, support, or other supplementary data that you are likely to need. 

Subscribing to an IPO API provider means that you don’t have to scrape or manually type in data, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the data updated over time and checking different websites for fresh information. This type of activity can take lots of time, resources, and energy away from your core business.

If something looks wrong on one of the websites, you won’t have anyone to contact with questions or issues. A good IPO API provider will provide support to you.

If you try to source this data on your own or through your engineering team, you’re likely to end up with multiple integrations, since most financial data consumers use more than one type of data. If you need stock prices, fundamental data, ETF information, options data, or anything else, you’ll need to manage multiple providers. Working with an IPO API from a reputable partner is like visiting a one-stop-shop for all your data needs.

How to Get IPO Data From Intrinio’s IPO API

Intrinio offers a powerful, high-quality, and affordable IPO API. It’s available as part of our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Fundamentals Packages, and it includes all upcoming and historical IPOs.

We offer instant chat support, robust documentation, software development Kits in all major languages (Ruby, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, & GO). Our team is highly skilled and ready to support your integration; we’ll make sure IPO data is flowing flawlessly.

If you are interested in getting access to Intrinio’s IPO API, please request a consultation, chat us on our website, or sign up for an account to start a free trial on your own.

As we like to say at Intrinio - we can’t WAIT to see what you build with our IPO API.

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