Introducing the US Stock Prices API- With 15 minute Delayed SIP

By Intrinio
November 18, 2022

The newest addition to Intrinio’s product offering is the US Stock Prices API. This is our most requested data type so we are very excited to tell you about this data feed.

We designed it specifically for fintech businesses that need to display stock prices in their web applications, terminals solutions, and research platforms. It is designed to save businesses money on exchange fees while also providing the US stock price data businesses need to satisfy their users

What's included in the US Stock Price API?

The US Stock Price API product has 3 plans, bronze, silver, and gold. Customers can sign up for one or more of them and take a free trial by talking to our team.

US Stock Prices API: Bronze

The bronze plan includes end-of-day stock prices for US securities included over the counter (OTC) companies as well as those listed on all major exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, CBOE, etc). With more than 50 years of history as well as open, high, low, close, and volume (OHLCV), it is a critical dataset for charting, backtesting, and calculating the performance of a stock.

The bronze plan does include both splits, dividends, adjustment factors, and unadjusted as well as adjusted stock prices for those that need to understand stock prices are impacted by corporate actions. 

This plan also includes real-time stock prices from the IEX exchange for those that need indicative pricing. This real-time data, as well as the security reference data that allows stock prices to be tied to a ticker or other identifier, is available for display. This means that customers that subscribe to the bronze plan can display the data in their application to their own end users.

US Stock Prices API: Silver

The silver plan includes 15-minute delayed SIP stock prices that update in real-time via REST or Websocket API. The SIP is the gold standard of stock price data because it includes 100% of trade volume occurring in the US market. 

In addition, to snap quotes and streaming quotes, subscribers to this plan can download historical intraday data for the SIP. Rather than EOD data, which includes just one value per day, this intraday data includes stock prices from throughout the trading day. Intrinio saves the delayed data and stores it so that users can download it in an easy to use format. 

The silver stock price API is delayed in order to save users money on exchange fees. A real-time SIP feed comes with $10,000/mo in exchange fees. Delayed, however, the cost drops to just $250/year if the data is used internally and $250/mo for a display license. For most use cases, using delayed data is well worth the savings. 

If you are interested in the silver plan, Intrinio’s team of licensing experts will work with the SIP exchanges to ensure your firm has the right paperwork in place for your use case. 

US Stock Prices API: Gold

If you run a brokerage or need to see real-time stock prices without a delay for investment purposes the Gold plan is for you. This REST API returns a ‘snap’ quote of the latest price of a security from the SIP feed. This data can be used to satisfy the SEC requirement of displaying the latest stock price when executing a trade.
Critically, this feed comes with a $.0075/query exchange fee rather than a $10,000/mo fee that your firm would pay for a streaming API. Unless you are executing an enormous number of trades or need to know the real-time SIP price without a delay for much of the market, this exchange fee structure will save you thousands. 

Customers that combine the silver and gold plans will be able to display 15-minute delayed SIP prices anywhere they choose without a variable cost while only displaying real-time SIP feeds when absolutely necessary for a low variable cost.  

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