Intrinio Updates

Andrew Carpenter
June 22, 2017

Intrinio has been growing like crazy and this article is designed to give existing users an update on the changes. We've grown significantly as a company, added new data sets, released some helpful new tools, and have some big plans for the coming months. Read on to get the scoop.

Company Growth

Intrinio closed its first funding round. Everything you see on the platform, all of our marketing and sales efforts, and the customer support you have received until now were accomplished with a little bit of Angel funding and the grit and determination of the team. Intrinio was started with the belief that financial data should be affordable and accessible, and we've been running on that dream for years. Now we're running on a dream fueled by financing.

We're spending that money in three ways. The first was to expand our data quality team. If you've used any of our competitors, you know Intrinio data is clean. We're doubling down on the reliability of our data by investing in DQ and we hope you never even notice. Data quality is something that gets noticed when there's a problem.

We've also expanded our customer support team. Accessing financial data isn't simple, and by making the data super affordable we've opened up a market segment of students, startup developers, and independent investors. Helping these users get started is a pleasure - it's why we are here. With an expanded team, we are providing faster support with fewer gaps in coverage for all users.

The final area where we are investing is marketing. We hit 10,000 users a while back, and it seems that word of mouth is our best friend in this department, but the time has come to strap a rocket to our growth. Thanks to everyone who has referred us to a friend or colleague - our hope is that you can start sharing our story when you see it being talked about in bigger media outlets.

New Data Sets

Our development team has doubled over the past few months and you should see an increase in the pace of new data feeds in the marketplace. As ever, we are committed to unbundling these data feeds so you only need to subscribe to the data types you need.

Last week we released 150 new data feeds, each covering a different international stock exchange. This data is from our partner Exchange Data International and users can now get the most recent and historical EOD stock prices from almost any exchange around the world.

We also released data feeds that provide executive contact and compensation data for both the US and international business executives from our partner Greensight. These feeds have already proven quite popular, partly because they are so affordable, but also because they make it really easy to get ahold of business executives via phone or email and also to find out how those executives are getting paid.

Another popular new edition is our sentiment data feeds from TipRanks and Zacks. These feeds aggregate opinion from bloggers, analysts, and the news regarding specific stocks. The initial feedback from our users is that this information adds quite a bit of alpha by checking valuation assumptions against professional insight.

We've added a new feed from NASDAQ that makes it easy to get press releases within 15 minutes of their release.

If you need EOD options prices for the US, you can now get that data from Intrinio via our partner Trade Alert. The demand for this data has us looking to add more stock price feeds, especially real-time for the US and international exchanges. We expect to be adding that data by fall.

New Tools

The most helpful addition to Intrinio's toolbox is the API Explorer. Whether you access Intrinio data via CSV download, API, or Excel, the hardest part is building the syntax to get the data you want. The API Explorer builds the syntax for you for all of those access methods. All you need to do is select the ticker, data point, and other parameters you want from drop down menus. The API Explorer then builds the syntax for you so you can just copy and paste it. This article gives a good overview.

This week we released the Data Explorer. This allows users to view basic information online for a company with datapoints such as their CEO, revenue, EBITDA, P/E ratio, and the latest company news. You can see an example for Apple here,.

Users can click any point on the webpage and find out how to access the data through any of Intrinio's other tools. The hope is that these company pages will be useful in their own right for getting an overview of a stock, but also as a gateway to accessing Intrinio data in other formats.

Finally, CSV downloads are now possible for all Intrinio data. We had quite a few users request this method and now it is possible to get a static data dump. This article gives some examples and explains how to access data this way.

Big Plans

We are currently working to redesign the look and feel of our site to make it easier to navigate and more intuitive so you can get to the data and tools you need faster. We're also working with numerous real-time exchanges and should have expanded these offerings by early fall. We're revamping our Excel add-in and working to release several new access methods that should make it easier than ever to get to work analyzing the data you need to make financial decisions.

We wouldn't be here without the tens of thousands of users that have validated our mission. By using our tools, sending us feedback, and referring others to the platform you remind us that affordable, accessible financial data is the future of fintech. Thank you for helping us make it real.