How Do You Help Students Build In-Demand Skills? With Real-World Data

Chelsea Caltuna
February 10, 2020

Students no longer have the luxury of “figuring it out” on the job – they’re expected to hit the ground running with in-demand technical skills and real-world experience.  

What does that mean for colleges and universities? Increased pressure to prepare students with live tools instead of stale textbooks and case studies. Accessing real financial data has historically been expensive and limiting (as anyone who’s ever used a Bloomberg terminal can attest), shortchanging students who want to get a head start on a successful career. 

We’re launching Intrinio Academic to accelerate education for the next generation of financial and business professionals. Read on to see how we’re doing it… 

Anywhere, Anytime Access 

Imagine being excited to practice a new skill or test out a theory – only to wait for hours because one person can access your school’s data terminal at a time. We don’t have to imagine it, because we’ve lived it. And it’s…pretty frustrating. 

Intrinio Academic provides one license for your entire school, and anyone who creates a free Intrinio account with a student email account gets access. They can grab the data on their personal computers at any time – whether that’s on the quad at noon or a dorm room at three a.m. We have everything at our fingertips, from pizza to movies to shoes. Why should financial data be the exception? 

Intrinio Academic
Advanced Access Methods 

If your computer science, data analytics, and business students aren’t learning how to use an application programming interface (API), they’re already behind. Nearly every major company provides data through an API, and knowing how to harness that data for practical use is a critical skill in today’s job market. Intrinio’s easy-to-use API helps students become comfortable with managing massive amounts of data and powering their own databases, apps, and more.  

Business students enjoy our Excel Add-In, which works for both Mac and Windows, while computer science students can use our API in conjunction with their favorite programming languages – Intrinio provides official software development kits (SDKs) in R, Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Ruby. 

Easy Setup & Comprehensive Support 

Since Intrinio Academic is available via web interface, your administration can skip the extensive setup and maintenance of on-premises solutions. We also vet, onboard, and manage all data partners, so you get the most reliable data from top providers without any of the legwork. 

Our live support is available seven days a week to handle any issues. Any user – student, faculty, or administrator – can contact our team of data experts, get an answer, and get back to work. Plus, we offer tutorials and extensive documentation to help users get the most out of our platform. 

Intrinio Academic
Reliable Data with Real-World Applications 

Your Intrinio Academic subscription includes hundreds of data points to power research, analysis, and hands-on learning, including: 

  • Standardized & as reported US fundamentals  
  • End of day (EOD) US stock prices  
  • IEX real-time stock prices  
  • BATS 15-min delayed stock prices  
  • Intraday stock prices (historical at the second level)  
  • Reference data for US companies  
  • Security master with multiple symbologies  
More Opportunities 

When you’re not confined to a terminal, the sky is the limit – group projects, seminars, workshops, case studies, demos, and more. Here are some of the skills that Intrinio Academic helps foster: 

  • Equity analysis  
  • Financial statement analysis  
  • Stock selection  
  • Valuation 
  • Backtesting  
  • Algorithmic training  
  • Statistical analysis  
  • Economic analysis  
  • Data visualization  
  • Data analytics  
  • Predictive analytics  
  • Excel functions & querying data 

Working with the Country’s Top Schools 

While Intrinio Academic is new, our partnership with leading universities across the country isn’t. We work with Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and the California Institute of Technology, along with universities across Florida, where Intrinio is headquartered. Below are a few examples of how universities have used Intrinio’s data: 

University of Tampa  
Quant Modeling Course  
Students leveraged Intrinio data to pull key metrics (price to earnings ratios, historical prices, etc.) for several hundred tickers into a spreadsheet and build a quantitative model.  

Student Managed Investment Fund/Applied Security Analysis Course  
Students pulled financial statement and stock price data from Intrinio into a template in Excel in order to analyze the equities and choose stocks for real investment into the USF portfolio.  

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis  
Students used Intrinio functions to pull financial statement data into a spreadsheet and manually build their own DCF models.  

Faculty Research  
A team of professors leveraged historical equity pricing data for backtesting, research, and building models.  

Interested in exploring more academic research powered by Intrinio? Read this article to see where our data has been cited.

Equip Your Students for Success  

Data is quickly becoming the currency of the business world. Students who have these valuable skills are in high demand in the job market – so why not give them the competitive edge they need to jumpstart their careers? Visit our website to learn more and talk to our team. 

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