How Can I See a Company's Dividend?

Andrew Carpenter
August 16, 2016

Most users are familiar with the dividend yield of a stock and many investors like to keep an eye on this important metric. Usually when an investor sees a yield, they are looking at the trailing dividend yield, which is usually the way an Intrinio user will want to see the data.

Intrinio uses the tag trailing_dividend_yield for this datapoint; however there are many more ways to think about and calculate a firm's dividend. There are many types of dividend tags and many ways to get data about dividends and some companies report dividends in different ways as well.

This diversity of dividend options makes it important to explore the different ways you can access dividends. The following lists show the numerous ways dividends can be pulled from Intrinio data.



"dividend" - The amount of the latest dividend

"dividend_rate" - The sum of the last 12 months of dividends

"dividend_yield" - The most recent yield for a security

"forward_dividend_rate" - The forward dividend rate based on 12 months of the most recent dividend

"forward_dividend_yield" - The forward dividend yield

"five_yr_ave_dividend_yield" - The five year average dividend yield

"cashdividendspershare" - The amount of the dividend paid per share from a companies income statement (not all companies report this data and therefore may be inconsistent)

"paymentofdividends" - The total amount of dividends paid per their statement of cash flows. This may include dividend to other shareholders and not just common shares.

"dividend_ex_date" - The date a stock goes ex dividend

"dividend_pay_date" - The date a dividend is paid

"ex_dividend" - The dividend amount used to adjust the prices using CRSP standards

There are also many ways to access these endpoints:

IntrinioDataPoint - This will give the most recent value with all flow data on an annualized basis
IntrinioHistoricalData - This will give the data in a time series manner
IntrinioPrices - Used for specific tags, including the ex_dividend amount by which CRSP prices are adjusted
IntrinioFinancials - Used when dividends are reported in a 10Q or 10K

Some examples from Excel:





Some Examples from the API:

NOTE: The examples below are for v1 of the Intrinio API. If you’re using API v2, follow the v2 documentation instead.

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