Financial Data API - Intrinio Data for Developers

Rachel Carpenter
October 10, 2015

The dawn of the API is officially upon us. This new trend in software engineering and system-to-system interaction is being emphasized by many tech though leaders including Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, but a recent Tech Crunch article put it best: "It’s called API-first design, and it presents a tremendous opportunity for developers who adapt — not to mention a major risk for developers (and companies) who don’t." The API-centric focus of many of our tech giants (Apple, Google, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Expedia) and the resulting and familiar household names and products (Apple Watch, virtual reality, literally any app that you use...) are a testament to the power and prevalence of APIs. Twilio founder James Parton issued a warning over a year ago:

“APIs  are going to be the driver for the digital economy and unless they [companies] are talking about APIs already, they will be left behind.”

The advent of the API has recently started to take shape within the financial data industry. The speed of transactions, availability of information and emergence of high frequency trading has changed the way we invest. Just this week Goldman Sachs announced they will be disseminating their earnings report through Twitter, leaving behind more traditional media methods. To compete in today's investment world, we need data faster - and we need it more flexibly.

Enter the Financial Data API

Large data giants like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are typically very restrictive and don't make it easy or affordable for investors or companies to access their APIs. New entrants in the financial data market such as Quandl and Xignite are transforming the landscape by listening to customer needs and delivering a more accessible product at a lower price point. At Intrinio, we built a unique solution to the changing investment and financial data landscape. Beautifully crafted and elegantly simple, our data feed is available through a flexible, straightforward REST API...

And it's the most affordable Financial Data API on the market.

The Intrinio Financial Data API enables developers to instantly integrate and build seamless, dynamic systems and applications to digest Intrinio data. The Intrinio Financial Data API offers affordable, extremely flexible access to a wealth of financial data:

  • Last Stock Price Data: 50,000 Securities
  • Historical Stock Price Data: 8,700 Securities
  • As-Reported Financial Statement Data: 7,000 Securities
  • Standardized Financial Statement Data: 3,500 Securities
  • Basic Company Information
  • Hundreds of Metrics & Ratios
  • Sales, Growth & Earnings Estimates
  • Pricing Data for 16 Indices
  • Economic Data

To get started, create a free account on our website. You'll receive a free trial and can get started working with our API immediately. Contact us for pricing at any time by clicking the green "Help" button at the bottom of your screen. We'll help create a plan that fits your needs.The Financial Data API is the framework for the future of investing, and we're here to help you be a part of it.

Let's grow together.

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