Enter Sandbox: A Guide to Testing Intrinio Data

Chelsea Caltuna
June 8, 2020

Remember playing in the sandbox as a kid? Endless hours of fun and exploration, only limited by your imagination.

Things haven’t changed all that much, except that the sandbox is now virtual. (Which is probably better – sand sticks to everything.) Intrinio provides a free sandbox environment to help developers explore our platform and tools. See what you can create with our financial data – the only limit is your imagination.

Here’s what you need to know about the Intrinio sandbox:

Why is a sandbox useful?

You can waste weeks negotiating with a data provider, only to discover that the data, platform, or tools don’t meet your needs. Or maybe you’re interested in a particular data set, but you need to see it in action first.

The Intrinio sandbox is a testing environment that includes hundreds of data sets for experimentation. Try out individual data feeds without the restrictions of a limited free trial. Sandbox access never expires – it’s meant to help you evaluate our offerings and build out your proof of concept.

Are you brand new to Intrinio? The sandbox is an excellent introduction to our platform, especially our powerful API. Long-time Intrinio customer? The sandbox helps you find the perfect data for your algorithm/platform/blog/fill-in-the-blank before you commit to an annual plan.

What’s included in the sandbox?

The sandbox features a large variety of limited data. For example, if you’re accessing the US Fundamentals and Stock Prices feed (one of our most popular data sets), you’ll be limited to DOW 30 securities.

Our sandbox includes more than 10 million data points. Below is a current list of available data, as of the date of publishing – you can find the full, up-to-date list here.

1. Companies on the Dow 30:

  • Standardized and as-reported financials going back to 2007
  • Daily stock prices going back to 1969
  • Real-time stock prices
  • Stock price adjustments, dividends, splits
  • Technicals from 30 indicators
  • Calculations, metrics, ratios
  • Financial statement notes
  • SEC filings
  • Corporate actions
  • News articles
  • Company & security metadata
  • Insider transactions & ownership

2. International Securities (1200+ securities from 120+ exchanges):

  • Daily stock prices
  • Stock price adjustments, dividends, splits
  • Technicals from 30 indicators
  • Corporate actions
  • Security metadata

3. Stock market indices and prices (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones)

4. 14 economic indicators (GDP, Fed Funds, Unemployment, CPI, and more)

5. 9 sector & industry aggregates

6. 3000+ institutional investors and their holdings

7. ETF prices, stats, holdings (84 major ETFs in US, Canada, Europe, and Global)

8. Executive compensation, titles, and contact info (DOW 30, 50 international companies)

9. Options Prices (DOW 30, 14 days history)

10. Forex (5 major pairs, H1+)

11. Crypto (BTCUSD, H1+)

12. Municipal Financials (30 municipalities)

How do I access the sandbox?

Once you create a free account, you’ll receive two API keys: a production key and a sandbox key. You can find these keys on your account page. Use the sandbox API key when interfacing with our API, Excel add-in, or CSV downloads to retrieve data from the sandbox. Your sandbox key is ready to use right away, while your production key is meant for use with a paid subscription.

To explore our list of endpoints, visit the sandbox documentation and scroll down to the “API Endpoints” section on the left-hand side. You can browse endpoints by category or search for a specific endpoint.

Within each endpoint, you’ll find information on the input parameters and output fields, as well as a Sample Data section showing you a JSON response. You can also access our live formula builder, which allows you to craft custom endpoints with guided parameter fields, by clicking “Switch to Live Data” in the Sample Data section.

The “URL” box will update in real time as you add or remove parameters, displaying the correct syntax for our Web API. You can test out your syntax by running the endpoint directly in this interface. Make sure the formula builder is using your sandbox API key by clicking the gear icon directly below the URL box.

Click the “Execute” button to return the requested data directly in the formula builder window. If you would like to run the endpoint in your browser, make sure that the “Include API_Key parameter when copying” is selected (see above) and click the URL text box to copy. Paste this syntax into a new browser window and hit enter to run. Voila – there’s your sandbox data in raw format.

What if I find my dream data in the sandbox?

If you find your perfect-fit data in the sandbox (and we hope you do!), it’s easy to transition to a production environment. First, visit the Usage section of your account to see what feeds you’ve been using. You’ll find an “Environment” toggle allowing you to choose “Sandbox” or “Production.”

Specify “Sandbox,” and you’ll see a list of individual data feeds you’ve accessed in the sandbox, along with your usage of each. Clicking the name of the data feed will take you to that feed’s product page. From there, you will be able to either self-subscribe or request a quote from our team. If you’re purchasing data on behalf of a company, we’ll happily work with you to customize the data to fit your requirements.

Once you’ve subscribed, simply switch out your sandbox key for your production key. You can continue to use your sandbox key to test feeds that are not included in your subscription.

Sample API Calls

Here are a few calls you can use to get started with the Intrinio sandbox:

Use the All Companies Endpoint to return the list of US companies accessible in the sandbox environment (Dow 30):

https://api-v2.intrinio.com/companies?api_key=Your Sandbox API Key

Take one of those companies and run it through the Stock Prices by Security Endpoint to return the end of day adjusted and unadjusted pricing data time series:

https://api-v2.intrinio.com/securities/AAPL/prices?&page_size=1000&api_key=Your Sandbox API Key

Try the Latest Earnings Record for Security Endpoint to return the latest/upcoming earnings date information for a specific company:

https://api-v2.intrinio.com/securities/AAPL/earnings/latest?api_key=Your Sandbox API Key

Test out a completely different security type by running the Forex Currency Pairs Endpoint to return the list of currency pairs you have access to with your sandbox environment:

https://api-v2.intrinio.com/forex/pairs?api_key=Your Sandbox API Key

Run one of those pairs through the Forex Currency Prices Endpoint to return the historical pricing data time series for that specific pair:

https://api-v2.intrinio.com/forex/prices/EURUSD/H1?timezone=UTC&api_key=Your Sandbox API Key

Once you’re familiar with our documentation, we recommend using one of our official SDKs for easy integration in popular programming languages like R, Python, and Java.

Ready to get started? Create an account or visit the sandbox documentation! As always, our team is available via live chat to answer your questions.