Don't Miss a Beat with Our Real-Time Stock Price API

Chelsea Caltuna
March 11, 2020

What do you need? Stock prices.

When do you need them? Right now.

How much are they going to cost? Well…that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

It’s no surprise that real-time stock prices can cost your firstborn child, but Intrinio is breaking down the old system one feed at a time. We’ll settle for your second child (just kidding).

Read on to learn more about our real-time stock market data API, including what types of real-time stock prices we offer, how to access them, and why Intrinio is a better data partner for stock price data.

What real-time stock prices feeds does Intrinio offer?

Here are some of the real-time stock prices Intrinio offers:

We also offer 15-minute delayed stock prices for US exchanges. Looking for a complete data package? Intrinio’s US Core Market Data bundle includes real-time IEX stock prices and BATS 15-min delayed stock prices along with intraday and EOD stock prices, fundamentals, and more.

real-time stock prices

How do you access real-time stock prices feeds?

Real-time stock prices are available through our REST API, which allows you to pull the latest data with API calls. Our real-time stock price API limits the number of calls you can make within a certain time frame. Business users can talk to our team to customize the limits included in their plan. Our API Explorer makes it easy to build the correct syntax for the API calls you need to make. 

Users can also access many of our real-time stock prices feeds, like our Nasdaq real-time quotes API, via WebSocket, which streams prices automatically as they’re updated. WebSocket subscriptions allow an unlimited number of price updates from a limited number of stocks. If your plan allows for 20 concurrent connections, for example, you can stream real-time prices for up to 20 stocks simultaneously, switching them out as needed.

Intrinio provides SDKs for the Intrinio API in several popular programming languages:

Do you need real-time stock prices feeds?

How and where do customers use our real-time stock prices feeds?

High-frequency trading. While long-term investors don’t typically need up-to-the-millisecond stock prices, anyone who engages in high-frequency or automated trading needs a real-time stock market data API to base their decisions on the most updated information.

Blogs and news sites. Intrinio offers real-time stock price widgets for various types of online content. Visitors can view the latest stock prices on your blog, news site, investor relations site, or video content.

Real-time widget

Academic learning. Teach students to create models with real-time stock price data. Give faculty the tools to collaborate and power game-changing research. Intrinio Academic provides real-time stock data along with intraday and EOD feeds to put academic institutions on the cutting edge.

Why get real-time stock prices from Intrinio?

One-stop-shopping. Get real-time stock prices from Nasdaq, NYSE, BATS, and IEX – all in one place.

Fast connections. Don’t get caught off guard by delays – our stock price data feeds are low latency.

A data partnership. We’re more than a provider – we help our customers grow with ongoing support.

Better pricing. We offer the same high-quality data without the astronomical prices of other providers.

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