Digging Beneath the Surface: The Power of Advanced Analytics

Chelsea Caltuna
February 25, 2020

Experienced analysts know that to find untapped insights, you need to look below the surface. That’s why we put together a collection of unique and advanced analytics datasets – curated and maintained by a team of data professionals and scientists – to help developers, quants, and financial analysts evaluate US equities in depth. 

In this blog, I’m going to explain what you get with each feed in the US Advanced Analytics bundle, how pricing works, and how companies can get the most out of US Advanced Analytics. 

US Advanced Analytics

What’s Included? 

The US Advanced Analytics bundle includes six of our most popular data feeds for US equities. Here’s an overview of what’s included in each feed: 

US Financial Statement Notes 

The TL;DR version: Searchable notes from US public company financial statements  

The full scoop: The US Financial Statement Notes data feed gives you the ability to keyword search all notes and disclosures (risk factors, liabilities, etc.) included on all US public companies’ 10-K, 10-K/A, 10-Q, and 10-Q/A filings. Use the data to search for information that isn’t easily found or inferred when looking at numbers or financial reports – such as lawsuits, policies, risks, and relationships with suppliers, customers, and competitors.  

Paired with our US Fundamentals and Stock Prices bundle, you can backtest theories such as stock price fluctuations when companies are experiencing E.coli outbreaks, lawsuits, or copyright infringement. This feed offers more than 6.4 million notes, and you can filter by recency, company ID, filing data, period start and end date, filing ID, and XBRL tag. Notes can be displayed as text, HTLM, or JSON. The data is updated as filings are received, and historical data is available as far back as the company has been filing in XBRL

US & Global Economic 

The TL;DR version: 200,000 economic data series, real-time from the FED, interest rates, non-farm payrolls  

The full scoop: The US & Global Economic data feed collects hundreds of thousands of economic data series. Use the macroeconomic insights gained from an endless number of data types to enhance microeconomic analyses, sector level momentum, and correlational research. 

Users can instantly access data series such as: 

  • Foreign exchange rates 
  • Effective federal funds rate 
  • Non-farm payrolls 
  • Unemployment rates for each state 
  • Home price indexes 
  • Per capita income 
  • Real GDP 
  • 10-year treasury rates 
  • And hundreds of thousands more  

US Insider Transactions & Ownership 

The TL;DR version: Insider transactions, company and owner groupings, aggregated ownership data  

The full scoop: Insiders are required to disclose the securities they’re buying and selling, but until now, it’s been expensive and time-consuming to keep tabs on this lucrative information. The US Insider Transactions & Ownership data feed lets you keep track of insider activity for US securities. View the transactions for a specific company or a specific owner with a breakdown of shares and the value of those shares for all direct holdings.  

US Institutional Holdings 

The TL;DR version: Institutional holdings grouped by security, voting rights, or firm, updated quarterly  

The full scoop: The US Institutional Holdings data feed keeps you and your customers informed about the securities institutions are holding. Large institutions are required to disclose their holdings and these disclosures can form another source of insight for your customers and personal portfolio. In addition to influencing the price of a stock directly, institutional moves can indicate the value teams of expert analysts at the institution place on that stock. 

Gain insight into the confidence a company has in its own future performance relative to its current share price and monitor the capacity an organization has to buy back its own shares. Keep track of companies in the sweet spot, with enough shares to show confidence and enough room to add more shares to support healthy buyback programs. Enhance customer reports and end user applications with the insight of an insider and watch for major share purchases of the stocks you follow at outside institutions. 

US Sector & Industry 

The TL;DR version: 500+ sectors/industries, 600 data points, mean, median, quartiles, counts  

The full scoop: The US Sector & Industry data feed brings together low cost, ease of use, and flexible terms to enable developers and analysts to generate lucrative insights for segments of the market. Use SIC codes to identify and track both historical and recent trends for sectors like Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology. Obtain the data for these and hundreds of other industries on popular metrics like P/E and beta but also for individual balance sheet items.  

IEX Real-Time Stock Prices Unlimited 

The TL;DR version: Unlimited real-time streaming IEX stock prices, bid, ask, last price, volume  

The full scoop: The IEX Real-Time Stock Prices Unlimited data feed provides IEX's aggregated best quoted bid and offer position in real time for all securities on IEX's displayed limit order book. Displaying real-time prices in an application and using them in financial analytics adds real insight for customers and users, but the big exchanges that traditionally provide "tick" prices charge outrageous prices. Forget about redistribution - get ready to pay for every user in addition to paying for the data.  

The IEX Real-Time Security Tracker breaks the mold by allowing developers and analysts to pay just for the stocks they want to cover in real time and includes the option to redistribute that data to end users. IEX real-time prices represent the bid, ask, and last price data-points from the Investors Exchange (IEX). 

How Can US Advanced Analytics Be Used? 

Market analysis. Quants and financial analysts can access US Advanced Analytics data to conduct analyses for thousands of companies and securities.  

Algorithm testing. HistoricalUS Advanced Analytics data helps developers and quants backtest theories and train machine learning algorithms.   

Application development. Some US Advanced Analytics plans allow for redistribution, which is useful for commercial-facing applications and sites.   

Why Choose US Advanced Analytics? 

  1. Our data is normalized. We simplify data access by capturing raw datasets from US-based and global exchanges, cleaning them, and providing access via a single API or our easy-to-learn Excel add-in. 
  1. Our data is standardized. No two companies report alike, making it nearly impossible to compare them by their financial statements alone. Intrinio standardizes the data, so you can start getting value out of it immediately.   
  1. We offer a free developer test environment. Creating a free Intrinio account gives you access to our free Sandbox environment, which allows you to test and experiment with our data before committing to a purchase.  
  1. We offer pretty fantastic free support. Support is available via email, live chat, and our ticketing system, free for all Intrinio customers. Our customer success team is standing by to answer questions and resolve any data issues.     

How Much Does US Advanced Analytics Cost? 

The US Advanced Analytics bundle offers different pricing and terms for different groups: 

Individual plans are $1,250/year and allow up to 120 API calls per minute. (Purchasing all feeds separately would cost $2,142/year.) 

Startup plans are $2,930/year and include up to 600 API calls per minute and end user display rights. Plus, they allow for unlimited collaborators. (Purchasing all feeds separately would cost $9,030/year.) 

Enterprise plans are customized for your use case. Get a quote based on your requirements. 

How Can Businesses Get the Most Out of US Advanced Analytics? 

Businesses can benefit from our custom development services. Get the most value from your US Advanced Analytics data with widgets, applications, platforms, and more built for your use case. We’ll also host and service your custom project so you can focus on extracting value from your data instead of maintaining the infrastructure behind it.   

Have questions? Leave us a comment or chat with our team to get answers! Otherwise... 

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