Building a Scalable Financial Platform: Must-Have Data Integrations

By Intrinio
June 7, 2024

Hello, I’m Rachel, the CEO of Intrinio. Today's article is tailored for anyone in the fintech industry, especially those of you developing trading and investing tools. We will explore a crucial aspect of your development process: building a scalable financial platform with the right data integrations from the start.

Why is scalability important for your fintech solution?

Scalability isn't just a buzzword; it's the backbone of your fintech solution. Starting with a robust infrastructure and the right data setup ensures your services remain fast, reliable, and effective as your user base grows. The data integrations you choose are pivotal in shaping the capabilities and efficiency of your platform.

Let’s explore the top five must-have data integrations for any scalable financial platform. These are not just important but essential in giving you and your users a competitive edge.

Real-Time Stock Prices

First up, real-time stock prices. In today’s fast-paced market, having access to real-time pricing data helps your users make informed decisions quickly. This is critical for trading platforms where even a second's delay can impact a trade's outcome.

Real-time stock prices are crucial even for retail trading tools, where your users will expect to see up-to-date data on the stocks they are tracking. For an affordable entry data feed, consider IEX Real-Time Stock Prices or Nasdaq Basic if you want something more robust.

Historical Stock Prices

Next, let’s talk about historical stock prices. This data is invaluable for backtesting trading strategies, which is essential for ensuring they are robust and effective before being deployed live. Historical data also allows users to see patterns and trends over time, enhancing their market analysis. 

If you’re a quant or investment shop, you’ll want to ingest and analyze this data internally and programmatically, but it can also be displayed in helpful visual ways within an app or software. Intrinio’s EOD Historical Stock Prices feed comes with 50+ years of high-quality dividend and split-adjusted stock price history.

Fundamental Data

Third, there is fundamental data. This includes financial statements, earnings, dividends, ratios, and more. It's the bedrock for investors who follow fundamental analysis to assess the intrinsic value of stocks, but any investor will expect to see these core metrics somewhere inside your app.

Integrating comprehensive fundamental data ensures your users can thoroughly evaluate potential investments.

News Integration

The fourth one is news integration. The impact of news on the financial markets cannot be overstated. Having a feed that provides real-time news alerts and updates directly influences trading and investment decisions, as it helps users react instantly to market-moving events.

Intrinio just recently announced a major partnership with Moody’s to deliver a robust, real-time news stream through our API. 

Analyst Estimates

Finally, there are analyst estimates. These are forecasts made by financial analysts regarding future earnings, revenues, and other financial metrics. Integrations that provide this data help users gauge market expectations and sentiment, often leading to more informed investment decisions.

At Intrinio, we offer SEVEN different data feeds in this category, including EPS Estimates, EPS Surprises, Sales Estimates, Sales Surprises, Target Prices, Long-Term Growth Estimates, and Analyst Ratings.

Each of these integrations brings its own set of complexities, so make sure you choose a data provider wisely and pick one that will genuinely support you.

Choosing the Right API Solutions

Optimization is also key. Ensure the integrations are efficient and don’t slow down your platform’s performance. This might involve choosing the right API solutions that offer both speed and a comprehensive data set. To all the fintech innovators out there, integrating these data streams effectively will set your platform apart in a crowded market. Remember, the foundation you build now will define your platform’s future.

Good luck, and remember, at Intrinio, we're here to help you with reliable data feeds and expert support. Check out our website or get in touch to see how our solutions can seamlessly integrate into your projects.

Here’s to building something great together. See you next time!

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