Financial Data API: Affordable, Easy Access for Analysts and Developers

Andrew Carpenter
December 16, 2016

Financial analysts and fintech developers everywhere are realizing they have choices when it comes to sourcing financial data. Intrinio's financial data API strives to increase those choices by offering a wide variety of data types that are affordable, easy to access, and high quality.

Traditional data providers have enjoyed monopolies on this data for decades, making financial data APIs expensive or limiting access. This article shows how Intrinio is changing things. Keep reading for examples of the data types Intrinio offers, how they can be accessed, and how much they cost.

This article shows how to get started if you are not familiar with Intrinio. You can create a free account and start accessing data feeds right away such as: US Fundamentals and Stock Prices and US Global & Economic.

Sector and Industry Financial Data API

Access: API, Excel Add-On

The US Sector and Industry data feed is a good example of how Intrino's financial data API makes it easy to access affordable data. In Excel, to get the price to earnings ratio for the Data Processing & Preparation sector (Facebook's Industry), you just type this:

=intriniodatapoint("$SIC.7374", "pricetoearnings")

7374 is the SIC code for Facebook's industry, and now the cell where that formula is typed will show the P/E ratio for the entire industry. The cell will update with the latest information whenever the analyst refreshes the spreadsheet.If the analyst wanted to get the average return on invested capital for the Electronic Computer industry (Apple's industry), it would look like this:

=intriniodatapoint("$SIC.3571", "roic")

Dive deeper with this video:

NOTE: The examples below are for v1 of the Intrinio API. If you’re using API v2, follow the v2 documentation instead.

If you want to get the same data directly via API, it would look like this:$SIC.7374&item=pricetoearnings$SIC.3571&item=roic

These examples are intended to show you that it is easy to get sector and industry data via Intrinio's financial data API. Simply use this syntax and change the SIC code and data tag. You can view the full documentation for this data feed here.

Insider Transactions Financial Data API

Access: API

The US Insider Transactions and Ownership data feed is available via API and returns the holdings of insiders in a JSON format.

If you would like to see all of Warren Buffett's insider transactions, you could start by finding his central index key (CIK) here.  His CIK, which is assigned by the SEC, is 0000315090:

You can also search for CIK codes by using a name. In this case, buffett:

Alternatively, we could see all insider transactions for Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's company:

Developers working with this data feed can build apps that keep an eye on the insider transactions of an individual or an institution.

Institutional Holdings Financial Data API

Access: API

The US Institutional Holdings data feed allows developers to see holdings of large institutions. This is critical investment data. Firms that hold their own shares show confidence that the stock is a good investment. Firms that hold too many of their own shares don't have room to buy more.

Outside institutions can also be shareholders in a stock. For example, if we wanted to see what institutions are holding Apple stock, we could use this API call:

It's clear that some big names are holding Apple stock - Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley. Its also clear how these companies are changing their holdings. We can see:

  • The voting authority of each institution
  • How the holdings of each institution changed since last quarter
  • The CIK for each holder

I can now use this data to see the Institutional holdings for Vanguard, whose CIK is 0000102909:

It's easy to see how a developer could take advantage of this feed. Keeping track of the moves of market makers, who have big research teams supporting them, can be exceptionally informative.

You Have Options

Intrinio is breaking the monopoly of traditional data providers using the feeds in this article. We are adding new feeds constantly. You can stay up to date on what is available by checking out our data feeds in the Intrinio Financial Data Marketplace. You can get instant chat support by clicking the little green icon in the bottom right corner on any of our web pages.

Our mission is to make financial data affordable and easy to access, and our financial data API is our primary tool for accomplishing that mission. We hope you will test it out in Excel or in one of your applications. The more users we gain, the easier it becomes to change the investment landscape in favor of investors.