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Data Journey

We manage the heavy lifting 💪 of data sourcing and quality so you can focus on your work.

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1. Source
2. Cleanse
3. Deliver
4. Support

Partner Sourcing

We collect, derive, and vet data partners so you don’t have to worry about multiple data contracts and licensing details.

Integration & Data Extraction

Cleansed data is integrated into our centralized data warehouse where we standardize and normalize data for redistribution.

Data Science Processing

Machine learning systems and QA processes ensure accuracy by cleansing and removing errors from bulk data sets.

Financial Data API & Bulk Access

Our marketplace gives you an extra layer of control. Get access to the right data for powering products and making decisions.

Licensing & Delivery

It’s easy to choose a data package that fits your project. No hassle, no headache. Just simple pricing and easy to understand terms.

Product Docs & Support

Whether you’re testing trial data or troubleshooting your code, our live chat and developer docs support our 200+ products.

Why does it matter?
We care about making data available to innovators.

Our Vision for Fintech

We envision a future where with the right tools, innovators will create a brand new future for the financial industry. In that future, our ecosystem will unite investors and developers in harmony, empowering them to build the infrastructure, apps, websites, software, and technology that will transform finance forever. We can't wait to see what you build!

What We're all About

Our mission is to use data to power a new generation of fintech innovation. Data is the foundation of finance. Without it, innovation is squashed. When it's available and affordable to the masses, there is no limit to the innovations they will build. Anything is possible.

What people are saying

“I just went through your 200+ datafeeds and I very much liked what I saw - clearly structured and well-linked data. The thought of going back to mapping data on the databases of some of the large incumbent data providers makes me noxious. Well done!”

- Customer Love

“We are privileged to be working with your organization... a true partnership, EVERY encounter I have had with your team has been positive. You are a finely tuned machine.”

- Customer Love

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Financial Data Marketplace
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Terabytes of financial data in the modern formats you need. Real-time, intraday, EOD & historical.

Bulletproof Documentation

Supplying data is only half of the battle. Our documentation is world class.