ESG - Silver

Quick Start Guide

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Plan Highlights

The Silver ESG data feed includes comprehensive, global coverage of ESG category rankings (community, employee, environment, and governance ) and Company Metadata.

  • Access: REST API
  • Updates: Monthly
  • History: 10 Years
  • Coverage: Global

Exchange and per user fees are not required.

This guide will show you how to pull data from the Silver Stock Prices Plan, answer the most common questions about the feed, and provide useful links to the API documentation.

If you are looking for full history (2008/12/01 to present) or additional fields such as sub-category rankings and ratings, or industry and category rankings, contact us today to explore the ESG Gold Package.

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Introductory pricing for the Silver ESG Plan is dependent on each use case, and can be quoted after you chat with our team. Existing Customers should contact us for more information.  

Starting a trial

Intrinio offers two-week free trials of the Silver ESG Plan. You can start a trial by requesting a consultation and chatting with our team.

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The Silver ESG Plan is licensed for Business Use


This means that data included in the plan may be displayed to business’ end users in an application, report, or analysis. Bulk downloads or raw distribution of the underlying data through methods such as an API are not allowed. After the conclusion of your trial, you will have the option to sign a contract to license this plan for your business. You will then be invoiced via ACH or credit card with a discount for paying annually. 

Accessing the API

If you are unfamiliar with the Intrinio API, the getting started documentation will help you familiarize yourself with its inner workings. 

Intrinio offers SDKs in 6 major languages to help you get started quickly:

The Silver ESG Plan includes the following endpoints: 

Get Companies

  • Returns all Private and Public Companies with ESG data associated with them.
  • Documentation
  • Example Endpoint:

Get Ratings History

  • Returns the Trailing 10 Years of History and 4 Core ESG Fields for a given company.
  • Documentation
  • Example Endpoint:{identifier}

Get Latest

  • Returns the latest month’s ESG data across all applicable ESG companies.
  • Documentation
  • Example Endpoint: