How one retail trading platform brought Intrinio data to life

Discover how Intrinio’s options data made an impact on Olive


Olive Invest is an intelligent options trading platform that democratizes institutional-grade option strategies that empower investors with high win-rate investment solutions. With Olive, users can invest with transparent visibility into the entire investment process and confidently initiate every investment decision.

To strengthen and expand the platform’s machine learning models, Olive teamed up with Intrinio for our real-time and historic options offerings.


Intrinio provides Olive with the extensive collection of filtered US stock options & snapshots they need to power their proprietary machine learning algorithms. Our seamless data integration enables Olive to successfully focus on constructing and expanding their options strategies, allowing them to see & seize every option opportunity.

Why partner with us?

Intrinio is a leading provider of financial data and is a respected data technology partner for thousands of businesses. When you partner with us you can expect:

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Higher data quality
  • Flexible licensing
  • Revolutionary tools
  • Premium support
  • Expert Assistance

Power your fintech business with Intrinio and find out how your retail trading and education platform can benefit from our Options Gold data plan.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner?

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