How one brokerage trading platform brought Intrinio data to life

Discover how Jazz Wealth Managers uses Intrinio for internal and client functions


Jazz Wealth Managers is a wealth and portfolio management firm for investors of all sizes specializing in investing and financial advice. Clients have access to unlimited financial guidance, private classes, and customized retirement solutions with Jazz.  

Jazz needed a reliable source to leverage data from to strengthen their platform and management services – that’s where Intrinio comes in.


Intrinio offers Jazz Wealth Managers the precise financial information they need to support different sectors of their platform. The platform successfully collects and delivers valuable information for internal research, portfolio management, and client education purposes with our equity market data.

Our expansive fundamental and market data offerings allow Jazz to provide clean, in-depth financial snapshots of their user’s holdings, allowing every investor using their “dough-jo” platform to be a master of their investment domain.

Why partner with us?

Intrinio is a leading provider of financial data and is a respected data technology partner for thousands of businesses. When you partner with us you can expect:

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Higher data quality
  • Flexible licensing
  • Revolutionary tools
  • Premium support
  • Expert Assistance

Power your fintech business with Intrinio and find out how your investment advisory firm can benefit from our Equities Gold data plan.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner?

Request a consultation with our team to learn how  Intrinio  can support your business. 
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