How one retail trading platform brought Intrinio data to life

Discover how Aries is growing with the help of Intrinio


Aries is a commission-free investing and trading application that offers high-quality data and research for investors worldwide. With Aries, users can quickly access pre-market and after-hours trading, track the most popular stocks, and calculate the risk & probability of their option’s strategies. Whether investors are looking to invest in options, equities, or ETFs, they can dive deeper with Aries.

To improve their mobile and website application services and grow their platform, Aries partnered with Intrinio.  


Intrinio supplies Aries with the latest real-time and historical equities and options data they need to power the platform’s reliable investing, trading, and savings application.  

By providing Aries with the critical data they need, such as filtered NBBO options pricing data and exchange fee-free real-time equities feeds, Aries can maximize their offerings to their quickly growing user base.

“Working with Intrinio and their development team has been an absolute pleasure. As we ingest more and more datasets, the process gets nothing but more seamless. Aries is growing and now helping thousands of users world-wide, and Intrinio is a core part of our growth.”  
Reda Falih
– Chief Executive Officer

Why partner with us?

Intrinio is a leading provider of financial data and is a respected data technology partner for thousands of businesses. When you partner with us you can expect:

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Higher data quality
  • Flexible licensing
  • Revolutionary tools
  • Premium support
  • Expert Assistance

Power your fintech business with Intrinio and find out how your investing and trading application can benefit from our Options Gold data plan.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner?

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