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Google Sheets Tutorial

Intrinio Data in Google Sheets

The Intrinio Google Sheets add-on extends the functionality of Google Sheets by enabling you to access the Intrinio API without any programming experience. This Google Sheets add-on works on all devices that support Google Sheets - smart phone, tablet, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows OS, etc. With the power of Google Sheets, Intrinio offers the most flexible access to financial data - anywhere, anytime.

Getting Started

  1. Add Intrinio Google Sheets Add-on to your Google Sheets Account
  2. Open a new sheet
  3. In the top menu, go to Add-ons -> Intrinio Financial Data -> Get Started
  4. The Intrinio sidebar should appear on the right side
  5. Enter your Access Key username and password
  6. Click Submit
  7. Select a cell and try a sample function:
  8. Hit Enter, wait a few moments for it to load, and you should see data populated in the cell

More Examples

Try these functions to demonstrate the breadth of Intrinio data:

  • Get the trailing 12-month operating revenue for a company:
  • Get the trailing dividend yield for a company:
  • Get the current fiscal year average Wall Street consensus EPS for a company:
  • Get the total revenue for a company in the fiscal year 2012:

Go Forth and Build

We can't wait to see what you will build using Intrinio data.


For a detailed reference, see the Documentation.

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