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Google Sheets Tutorial

Intrinio Data in Google Sheets

The Intrinio Google Sheets add-on extends the functionality of Google Sheets by enabling you to access the Intrinio API without any programming experience. This Google Sheets add-on works on all devices that support Google Sheets - smart phone, tablet, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows OS, etc. With the power of Google Sheets, Intrinio offers the most flexible access to financial data - anywhere, anytime.

Getting Started

  1. Add Intrinio Google Sheets Add-on to your Google Sheets Account
  2. Open a new sheet
  3. In the top menu, go to Add-ons -> Intrinio Financial Data -> Get Started
  4. The Intrinio sidebar should appear on the right side
  5. Enter your Access Key username and password
  6. To view your access key, click here to log in.
  7. Click Submit
  8. Select a cell and try a sample function:
  9. Hit Enter, wait a few moments for it to load, and you should see data populated in the cell

More Examples

Try these functions to demonstrate the breadth of Intrinio data:

  • Get the trailing 12-month operating revenue for a company:
  • Get the trailing dividend yield for a company:
  • Get the current fiscal year average Wall Street consensus EPS for a company:
  • Get the total revenue for a company in the fiscal year 2012:

Go Forth and Build

We can't wait to see what you will build using Intrinio data.


For a detailed reference, see the Documentation.

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