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What is a security?

A security is a tradeable financial asset, often representing shares of a company's stock. Our coverage includes all publicly traded securities in the United States as well as 100,000 globally-traded securities. In addition, we cover exchange traded funds (ETFs), various classes of common stock, American Depositary Shares (ADRs), preferred stock, warrants and much more.

We have integrated substantially with OpenFIGI to have a unified standard securities master at the core of our architecture. With OpenFIGI, you can utilize a whole host of identifiers to query the OpenFIGI API and retrieve the correct security.

Ticker Name
A:UN Agilent Technologies Inc.
AAC:UN AAC Holdings Inc
ABBV:UN Abbvie Inc
ABEO:UW Abeona Therapeutics Inc
ABEOW:UW Abeona Therapeutics Inc
ABIO:UW ARCA biopharma Inc
ABMC:UW American Bio Medica Corp.
ABMD:UW Abiomed Inc.
ABT:UN Abbott Laboratories
ABUS:UW Arbutus Biopharma Corp
ACAD:UW Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACER:UW Acer Therapeutics Inc
ACHC:UW Acadia Healthcare Company Inc
ACHN:UW Achillion Pharmaceuticals
ACHV:UW Achieve Life Sciences Inc.
ACOR:UW Acorda Therapeutics Inc
ACRS:UW Aclaris Therapeutics Inc
ACRX:UW Acelrx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACST:UW Acasti Pharma Inc
ACUR:UW Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ADAP:UW Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc
ADMA:UW Adma Biologics Inc
ADMP:UW Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADMS:UW Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADRO:UW Aduro Biotech Inc
ADUS:UW Addus HomeCare Corporation
ADVM:UW Adverum Biotechnologies Inc
ADXS:UW Advaxis, Inc.
AEMD:UW Aethlon Medical Inc
AERI:UW Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc
AET:UN Aetna Inc.
AEZS:UW Aeterna Zentaris Inc.
AFFY:UW Affymax Inc
AFMD:UW Affimed N.V.
AGEN:UW Agenus Inc
AGIO:UW Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc
AGLE:UW Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc
AGN:UN Allergan plc
AGRX:UW Agile Therapeutics Inc
AGTC:UW Applied Genetic Technologies Corp
AHPA:UW Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp
AHPAU:UW Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp
AHPAW:UW Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp
AHPI:UW Allied Healthcare Product Inc.
AIMT:UW Aimmune Therapeutics Inc
AIPT:UW Precision Therapeutics Inc
AKAO:UW Achaogen Inc
AKBA:UW Akebia Therapeutics Inc.
AKCA:UW Akcea Therapeutics Inc
AKER:UW Akers Biosciences Inc
AKRX:UW Akorn Inc.
AKTX:UW Akari Therapeutics Plc
ALBO:UW Albireo Pharma Inc
ALDR:UW Alder BioPharmaceuticals Inc
ALDX:UW Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc
ALGN:UW Align Technology, Inc.
ALIM:UW Alimera Sciences Inc.
ALKS:UW Alkermes plc
ALNY:UW Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc
ALPN:UW Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
ALQA:UW Alliqua BioMedical Inc
ALRN:UW Aileron Therapeutics Inc
ALT:UW Altimmune Inc
ALXN:UW Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
AMAG:UW AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMED:UW Amedisys Inc.
AMPE:UA Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPH:UW Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMRN:UW Amarin Corp
AMS:UA American Shared Hospital Services
ANAB:UW AnaptysBio Inc
ANGO:UW Angiodynamic Inc
ANIK:UW Anika Therapeutics Inc.
ANIP:UW ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANTH:UW Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc
ANTM:UN Anthem Inc
APEN:UW Apollo Endosurgery Inc
APHB:UA Ampliphi Biosciences Corp
APOP:UW Cellect Biotechnology Ltd.
APOPW:UW Cellect Biotechnology Ltd.
APRI:UW Apricus Biosciences Inc
APTO:UW Aptose Biosciences Inc
APVO:UW Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
AQXP:UW Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARA:UN American Renal Associates Holdings Inc.
ARAY:UW Accuray Inc
ARCT:UW Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd
ARDM:UW Aradigm Corp.
ARDX:UW Ardelyx Inc
ARGS:UW Argos Therapeutics Inc
ARNA:UW Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARPO:UW Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc
ARQL:UW Arqule Inc.
ARRY:UW Array Biopharma Inc.
ARWR:UW Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ARYX:UW Aryx Therapeutics Inc
ASMB:UW Assembly Biosciences Inc
ASND:UW Ascendis Pharma A/S
ASRT:UW Assertio Therapeutics Inc
AST:UA Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc
ATEC:UW Alphatec Holdings Inc
ATHX:UW Athersys Inc
ATNM:UA Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
ATNX:UW Athenex Inc
ATOS:UW Atossa Genetics Inc.
ATRA:UW Atara Biotherapeutics Inc
ATRC:UW Atricure Inc
ATRI:UW Atrion Corp.
ATRS:UW Antares Pharma Inc
ATXI:UW Avenue Therapeutics Inc
AUPH:UW Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVDL:UW Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc
AVEO:UW AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc
AVGR:UW Avinger Inc
AVNS:UN Avanos Medical Inc
AVXL:UW Anavex Life Sciences Corporation
AVXT:UW Avax Technologies Inc.
AXDX:UW Accelerate Diagnostics Inc
AXGN:UW AxoGen Inc
AXON:UW Axovant Sciences Ltd
AXSM:UW Axsome Therapeutics Inc
AYTU:UW Aytu BioScience Inc
AZN:UN Astrazeneca plc
AZRX:UW AzurRx BioPharma Inc
BABY:UW Natus Medical Inc
BAX:UN Baxter International Inc.
BCDA:UW BioCardia Inc.
BCLI:UW Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
BCRX:UW Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.
BDSI:UW Biodelivery Sciences International
BDX:UN Becton, Dickinson And Co.
BDXA:UN Becton, Dickinson And Co.
BEAT:UW BioTelemetry Inc
BGMD:UW BG Medicine Inc
BGNE:UW BeiGene Ltd
BHC:UN Bausch Health Companies Inc
BHVN:UN Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd
BIIB:UW Biogen Inc
BIO:UN Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
BIO.B:UN Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
BIOC:UW Biocept Inc
BIOL:UW Biolase Inc
BIOS:UW Bioscrip Inc
BKD:UN Brookdale Senior Living Inc
BLCM:UW Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc
BLFS:UW Biolife Solutions Inc
BLPH:UW Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc
BLRX:UW Bioline Rx Ltd
BLUE:UW Bluebird bio Inc
BLUSF:UW Bellus Health Inc
BMRA:UW Biomerica Inc.
BMRN:UW Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
BMY:UN Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
BNTC:UW Benitec Biopharma Limited
BOLD:UW Audentes Therapeutics Inc
BPMC:UW Blueprint Medicines Corp
BPMX:UA BioPharmX Corporation
BPTH:UW Bio-Path Holdings Inc
BRKR:UW Bruker Corp
BSPM:UW Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc
BSTC:UW Biospecifics Technologies Corp.
BSTG:UW Biostage Inc
BSX:UN Boston Scientific Corp.
BTX:UA Biotime Inc.
BVX:UA Bovie Medical Corporation
BVXV:UW Biondvax Pharmaceuticals Ltd
BVXVW:UW Biondvax Pharmaceuticals Ltd
BYSI:UW BeyondSpring Inc
CALA:UW Calithera Biosciences Inc
CANF:UA Can-Fite Biopharma Ltd
CAPR:UW Capricor Therapeutics Inc
CARA:UW Cara Therapeutics Inc
CASI:UW Ordinary Shares
CASM:UW CAS Medical Systems, Inc.
CATB:UW Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc
CATS:UW Catasys Inc
CBAY:UW Cymabay Therapeutics Inc
CBIO:UW Catalyst Biosciences Inc
CBLI:UW Cleveland BioLabs Inc
CBM:UN Cambrex Corp.
CBMG:UW Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc
CBPO:UW China Biologic Products Holdings Inc
CCM:UN Concord Medical Services
CCXI:UW ChemoCentryx Inc
CDMO:UW Avid Bioservices Inc
CDMOP:UW Avid Bioservices Inc
CDTX:UW Cidara Therapeutics Inc
CDXS:UW Codexis Inc.
CELC:UW Celcuity Inc
CELG:UW Celgene Corp.
CELGZ:UW Celgene Corp.
CEMI:UW Chembio Diagnostics Inc.
CERC:UW Cerecor Inc
CERS:UW Cerus Corp.
CFMS:UW Conformis Inc.
CFRX:UW ContraFect Corp
CGEN:UW Compugen Ltd
CGIX:UW Cancer Genetics Inc.
CHE:UN Chemed Corp.
CHEK:UW Check-Cap Ltd
CHEKW:UW Check-Cap Ltd
CHEKZ:UW Check-Cap Ltd
CHFS:UW CHF Solutions Inc
CHMA:UW Chiasma Inc
CHRS:UW Coherus Biosciences Inc
CI:UN Cigna Corp.
CIVI:UN Civitas Solutions Inc
CKPT:UW Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc
CLBS:UW Caladrius Biosciences Inc
CLDX:UW Celldex Therapeutics Inc.
CLLS:UW Cellectis
CLRB:UW Cellectar Biosciences Inc
CLRBW:UW Cellectar Biosciences Inc
CLRBZ:UW Cellectar Biosciences Inc
CLSD:UW Clearside Biomedical Inc
CLSN:UW Celsion Corp
CLVS:UW Clovis Oncology Inc
CMD:UN Cantel Medical Corp.
CMRX:UW Chimerix Inc
CMTA:UW Clementia Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNAT:UW Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNC:UN Centene Corp.
CNCE:UW Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc
CNMD:UW Conmed Corp.
CO:UN Global Cord Blood Corp
COCP:UW Cocrystal Pharma Inc
CODX:UW Co-Diagnostics Inc
COLL:UW Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc
COO:UN Cooper Companies, Inc.
CORI:UW Corium International Inc
CORT:UW Corcept Therapeutics Inc
CORV:UW Correvio Pharma Corp
CPHI:UA China Pharma Holdings Inc.
CPIX:UW Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.
CPRX:UW Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc
CRBP:UW Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc
CRIS:UW Curis Inc
CRL:UN Charles River Laboratories International Inc.
CRMD:UA CorMedix Inc
CRSP:UW CRISPR Therapeutics AG
CRVS:UW Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc
CRY:UN Cryolife, Inc.
CSBR:UW Champions Oncology Inc
CSII:UW Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
CSU:UN Capital Senior Living Corp.
CTIC:UW CTI BioPharma Corp
CTLT:UN Catalent Inc.
CTMX:UW CytomX Therapeutics Inc
CTRV:UW Contravir Pharmaceuticals Inc
CTSO:UW Cytosorbents Corp
CTXR:UW Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc
CTXRW:UW Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc
CUR:UW Neuralstem, Inc
CUTR:UW Cutera Inc
CVM:UA Cel-Sci Corp.
CVRS:UA Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc
CVS:UN CVS Health Corp
CYAN:UW Cyanotech Corp.
CYCC:UW Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CYCCP:UW Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CYH:UN Community Health Systems, Inc.
CYHHZ:UW Community Health Systems, Inc.
CYTK:UW Cytokinetics Inc
CYTR:UW CytRx Corporation
CYTX:UW Cytori Therapeutics, Inc
CYTXW:UW Cytori Therapeutics, Inc
CYTXZ:UW Cytori Therapeutics, Inc
DARE:UW Dare Bioscience Inc
DBVT:UW DBV Technologies
DCTH:UW Delcath Sys Inc
DERM:UW Dermira Inc
DFFN:UW Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc
DGX:UN Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
DMPI:UW DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc
DOVA:UW Dova Pharmaceuticals Inc
DPLO:UN Diplomat Pharmacy Inc
DRAD:UW Digirad Corp
DRIO:UW DarioHealth Corp
DRIOW:UW DarioHealth Corp
DRNA:UW Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc
DRRX:UW Durect Corp
DVA:UN DaVita Inc
DVAX:UW Dynavax Technologies Corp.
DVCR:UW Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc
DXCM:UW Dexcom Inc
DXR:UA Daxor Corp.
DYNT:UW Dynatronics Corp.
EARS:UW Auris Medical Holding AG
EBS:UN Emergent Biosolutions Inc
ECTE:UW Echo Therapeutics Inc
ECYT:UW Endocyte Inc
EDGE:UW Edge Therapeutics Inc
EDIT:UW Editas Medicine Inc
EGRX:UW Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc
EHC:UN Encompass Health Corp
EIGR:UW Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Inc
EKSO:UW Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc
ELGX:UW Endologix Inc
ELMD:UA Electromed Inc.
ELOX:UW Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc
EMIS:UW Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
ENDP:UW Endo International plc
ENSG:UW Ensign Group Inc
ENTA:UW Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc
ENZ:UN Enzo Biochem, Inc.
ENZN:UW Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc
EPIX:UW Essa Pharma Inc
EPZM:UW Epizyme Inc
ESMC:UW Escalon Medical Corp.
ESPR:UW Esperion Therapeutics Inc.
ESRX:UW Express Scripts Holding Co
EVFM:UW Evofem Biosciences Inc
EVGN:UW Evogene Ltd
EVOK:UW Evoke Pharma Inc
EW:UN Edwards Lifesciences Corp
EXAS:UW Exact Sciences Corp.
EXEL:UW Exelixis Inc
EYEG:UW Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc
EYEGW:UW Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc
EYES:UW Second Sight Medical Products Inc
EYESW:UW Second Sight Medical Products Inc
EYPT:UW EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Inc
FATE:UW Fate Therapeutics Inc
FBIO:UW Fortress Biotech Inc
FBIOP:UW Fortress Biotech Inc
FCRE:UW FC Global Realty Inc
FCSC:UW Fibrocell Science Inc
FENC:UW Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc
FGEN:UW FibroGen Inc
FLDM:UW Fluidigm Corp
FLGT:UW Fulgent Genetics Inc
FLKS:UW Flex Pharma Inc
FLXN:UW Flexion Therapeutics Inc
FMS:UN Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA
FOLD:UW Amicus Therapeutics Inc
FOMX:UW Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd
FONR:UW Fonar Corp.
FPRX:UW Five Prime Therapeutics Inc
FVE:UW Five Star Senior Living Inc.
FWP:UW Forward Pharma A/S
GALT:UW Galectin Therapeutics Inc
GBIM:UW GlobeImmune Inc
GBT:UW Global Blood Therapeutics Inc.
GEMP:UW Gemphire Therapeutics Inc
GEN:UN Genesis Healthcare Inc
GENE:UW Genetic Technologies Ltd.
GERN:UW Geron Corp.
GHDX:UW Genomic Health Inc
GILD:UW Gilead Sciences, Inc.
GKOS:UN Glaukos Corporation
GLMD:UW Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd
GLPG:UW Galapagos NV
GLYC:UW GlycoMimetics Inc
GMED:UN Globus Medical Inc
GNBT:UW Generex Biotechnology Corp
GNCA:UW Genocea Biosciences Inc
GNMK:UW GenMark Diagnostics Inc
GNMX:UW Aevi Genomic Medicine Inc
GNOW:UW American Caresource Holdings, Inc.
GRFS:UW Grifols SA
GSK:UN Glaxosmithkline plc
GTHX:UW G1 Therapeutics Inc
GWPH:UW GW Pharmaceuticals
HAE:UN Haemonetics Corp.
HALO:UW Halozyme Therapeutics Inc.
HBIO:UW Harvard Bioscience Inc.
HCA:UN HCA Healthcare Inc
HCM:UW Hutchison China Meditech Ltd.
HDII:UW Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.
HEB:UA Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
HIIQ:UW Health Insurance Innovations Inc
HLTH:UA Nobilis Health Corp
HOLX:UW Hologic, Inc.
HOML:UP UBS AG London Branch
HRC:UN Hill-Rom Holdings Inc
HRTX:UW Heron Therapeutics Inc
HSGX:UW Histogenics Corp
HSKA:UW Heska Corp.
HTBX:UW Heat Biologics Inc
HTGM:UW HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc
HUM:UN Humana Inc.
HZNP:UW Horizon Pharma plc
IART:UW Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corp
IBIO:UA iBio Inc
ICCC:UW Immucell Corp.
ICLR:UW Icon Plc
ICPT:UW Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc
ICUI:UW ICU Medical, Inc.
IDRA:UW Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IDXG:UW Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc
IDXX:UW Idexx Laboratories, Inc.
ILMN:UW Illumina Inc
IMDZ:UW Immune Design Corp
IMGN:UW Immunogen, Inc.
IMMP:UW Immutep Limited
IMMU:UW Immunomedics, Inc.
IMMY:UW Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc
IMNP:UW Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc
IMUC:UA Immunocellular Therapeutics Ltd
INCY:UW Incyte Corp.
INFI:UW Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc.
INFU:UA InfuSystem Holdings Inc
INGN:UW Inogen Inc
INO:UW Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
INSM:UW Insmed Inc
INSY:UW Insys Therapeutics, Inc
INVA:UW Innoviva Inc
IONS:UW Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc
IOVA:UW Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc
IPCI:UW Intellipharmaceutics International Inc
IQV:UN IQVIA Holdings Inc
IRMD:UW Iradimed Corp
IRTC:UW iRhythm Technologies Inc
IRWD:UW Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc
ISR:UA Isoray, Inc.
ISRG:UW Intuitive Surgical Inc
ITCI:UW Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc
IVC:UN Invacare Corp.
JAGX:UW Jaguar Health Inc
JAZZ:UW Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc
JNCE:UW Jounce Therapeutics Inc
JNJ:UN Johnson & Johnson
JYNT:UW Joint Corp
KALA:UW Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc
KALV:UW KalVista Pharmaceuticals Inc
KANG:UW iKang Healthcare Group Inc
KDMN:UN Kadmon Holdings Inc
KERX:UW Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc
KIN:UW Kindred Biosciences Inc
KMDA:UW Kamada Ltd
KMPH:UW KemPharm Inc
KOOL:UW Cesca Therapeutics
KPTI:UW Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc
KTOV:UW Kitov Pharma Ltd
KTOVW:UW Kitov Pharma Ltd
KTWO:UW K2M Group Holdings Inc
KURA:UW Kura Oncology Inc
KZIA:UW Kazia Therapeutics Limited
LAKE:UW Lakeland Industries, Inc.
LCI:UN Lannett Co., Inc.
LGND:UW Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
LH:UN Laboratory Corp. Of America Holdings
LIFE:UW Atyr Pharma Inc
LJPC:UW La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co.
LLIT:UW Lianluo Smart Ltd
LLY:UN Lilly(Eli) & Co
LMAT:UW Lemaitre Vascular Inc
LMNX:UW Luminex Corp
LNTH:UW Lantheus Holdings Inc
LOXO:UW Loxo Oncology Inc
LPCN:UW Lipocine Inc
LPNT:UW LifePoint Health Inc
LXRX:UW Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc
MACK:UW Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc
MASI:UW Masimo Corp
MATN:UW Mateon Therapeutics Inc
MBIO:UW Mustang Bio Inc
MBOT:UW Microbot Medical Inc
MBRX:UW Moleculin Biotech Inc
MCRB:UW Seres Therapeutics Inc
MDCO:UW Medicines Co
MDGL:UW Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc
MDGS:UW Medigus Ltd.
MDGSW:UW Medigus Ltd.
MDT:UN Medtronic Plc
MDVX:UW Medovex Corp
MDWD:UW MediWound Ltd
MDXG:UW Mimedx Group Inc
MEDP:UW Medpace Holdings Inc
MEIP:UW MEI Pharma Inc
MESO:UW Mesoblast Ltd
MGEN:UW Miragen Therapeutics Inc
MGLN:UW Magellan Health Inc
MGNX:UW Macrogenics Inc
MICR:UA Micron Solutions Inc
MLAB:UW Mesa Laboratories, Inc.
MLNT:UW Melinta Therapeutics Inc
MLSS:UA Milestone Scientific Inc.
MMSI:UW Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
MNK:UN Maillinckrodt plc
MNKD:UW Mannkind Corp
MNOV:UW Medicinova Inc
MNTA:UW Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc
MOH:UN Molina Healthcare Inc
MRK:UN Merck & Co Inc
MRNS:UW Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
MRSN:UW Mersana Therapeutics Inc
MRTX:UW Mirati Therapeutics Inc
MSON:UW Misonix, Inc.
MTD:UN Mettler-Toledo International, Inc.
MTEM:UW Molecular Templates Inc
MTNB:UA Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc
MTP:UW Midatech Pharma Plc
MYL:UW Mylan N.V.
MYND:UW MYnd Analytics Inc
MYNDW:UW MYnd Analytics Inc
MYO:UA Myomo Inc
MYOK:UW MyoKardia Inc
MYOS:UW MYOS RENS Technology Inc
MYOV:UN Myovant Sciences Ltd
MYRX:UW Myrexis Inc
MZOR:UW Mazor Robotics Ltd
NAII:UW Natural Alternatives International, Inc.
NAOV:UW NanoVibronix Inc
NATR:UW Nature`s Sunshine Products, Inc.
NAVB:UA Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
NBIX:UW Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.
NBRV:UW Nabriva Therapeutics Plc
NBY:UA Novabay Pharmaceuticals Inc
NDRA:UW ENDRA Life Sciences Inc
NDRAW:UW ENDRA Life Sciences Inc
NEO:UW Neogenomics Inc.
NEOG:UW Neogen Corp.
NEOS:UW Neos Therapeutics Inc
NEPH:UA Nephros Inc
NEPT:UW Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.
NERV:UW Minerva Neurosciences Inc
NHC:UA National Healthcare Corp.
NHPI:UW Neuro-Hitech Inc
NK:UW NantKwest Inc
NKTR:UW Nektar Therapeutics
NLNK:UW NewLink Genetics Corp
NNVC:UA NanoViricides Inc
NOVN:UW Novan Inc
NSPR:UA InspireMD Inc
NSPR.WS:UA InspireMD Inc
NSPR.WS.B:UA InspireMD Inc
NSTG:UW Nanostring Technologies Inc
NTEC:UW Intec Pharma Ltd
NTLA:UW Intellia Therapeutics Inc
NTRA:UW Natera Inc
NTRP:UW Neurotrope Inc
NURO:UW Neurometrix Inc.
NUROW:UW Neurometrix Inc.
NUVA:UW Nuvasive Inc
NVAX:UW Novavax, Inc.
NVCN:UW Neovasc Inc
NVCR:UW NovoCure Ltd
NVIV:UW InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
NVLN:UW Novelion Therapeutics Inc
NVO:UN Novo Nordisk
NVRO:UN Nevro Corp
NVS:UN Novartis AG
NVTA:UN Invitae Corp
NVTR:UW Nuvectra Corp
NVUS:UW Novus Therapeutics Inc
NWBO:UW Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc
NXTM:UW NXStage Medical Inc
NYMX:UW Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp
OASM:UW Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB
OBLN:UW Obalon Therapeutics Inc
OCUL:UW Ocular Therapeutix Inc
OCX:UA OncoCyte Corp
OFIX:UW Orthofix Intl N.V.
OGEN:UA Oragenics Inc
OHRP:UW Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc
OMED:UW OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc
OMER:UW Omeros Corporation
ONCE:UW Spark Therapeutics Inc
ONCS:UW OncoSec Medical Inc
ONCY:UW Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.
ONTX:UW Onconova Therapeutics Inc
ONTXW:UW Onconova Therapeutics Inc
ONVO:UW Organovo Holdings Inc
OPGN:UW Opgen Inc
OPGNW:UW Opgen Inc
OPHT:UW Ophthotech Corp
OPK:UW Opko Health Inc
OPTN:UW OptiNose Inc
ORGS:UW Orgenesis Inc
ORMP:UW Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc
ORPN:UW Bioblast Pharma Ltd
OSIR:UW Osiris Therapeutics Inc
OSUR:UW Orasure Technologies Inc.
OTIC:UW Otonomy Inc
OVAS:UW OvaScience Inc
OVID:UW Ovid Therapeutics Inc
OXFD:UW Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
PACB:UW Pacific Biosciences of California Inc
PAHC:UW Phibro Animal Health Corp.
PANC:UW Panacos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PARS:UW Pharmos Corp.
PBH:UN Prestige Brands Hldgs Inc
PBIO:UW Pressure Biosciences Inc.
PBYI:UW Puma Biotechnology Inc
PCRX:UW Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc
PDEX:UW Pro-Dex Inc. (co)
PDLI:UW PDL Biopharma Inc
PEN:UN Penumbra Inc
PETS:UW Petmed Express, Inc.
PETX:UW Aratana Therapeutics Inc
PFE:UN Pfizer Inc.
PFNX:UA Pfenex Inc
PGNX:UW Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PHLI:UW Pacifichealth Laboratories, Inc.
PIRS:UW Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc
PKI:UN Perkinelmer, Inc.
PLSE:UW Pulse Biosciences Inc
PLX:UA Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc.
PLXP:UW PLx Pharma Inc.
PMD:UW Psychemedics Corp.
PODD:UW Insulet Corporation
PRAH:UW PRA Health Sciences Inc
PRAN:UW Prana Biotechnology Ltd.
PRGO:UN Perrigo Company plc
PRPH:UW ProPhase Labs Inc
PRQR:UW ProQR Therapeutics N.V
PRSC:UW Providence Service Corp
PRTA:UW Prothena Corporation plc
PRTK:UW Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc.
PRTO:UW Proteon Therapeutics Inc
PSID:UW PositiveID Corp
PSTI:UW Pluristem Therapeutics Inc
PTCT:UW PTC Therapeutics Inc
PTGX:UW Protagonist Therapeutics Inc
PTIE:UW Pain Therapeutics Inc
PTLA:UW Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc
PTN:UA Palatin Technologies Inc.
PTX:UW Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc
PULM:UW Pulmatrix Inc
PVCT:UA Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc
QDEL:UW Quidel Corp.
QHC:UN Quorum Health Corp
QTNT:UW Quotient Ltd
QURE:UW uniQure N.V.
RARE:UW Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.
RARX:UW Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc
RCKT:UW Rocket Pharmaceuticals Inc
RDHL:UW Redhill Biopharma
RDNT:UW Radnet Inc
RDUS:UW Radius Health Inc.
RDY:UN Dr. Reddy`s Laboratories Ltd.
REGN:UW Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
REPH:UW Recro Pharma Inc
RETA:UW Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc
RGEN:UW Repligen Corp.
RGLS:UW Regulus Therapeutics Inc
RGNX:UW Regenxbio Inc
RIGL:UW Rigel Pharmaceuticals
RIOT:UW Riot Blockchain Inc
RMD:UN Resmed Inc.
RMTI:UW Rockwell Medical Inc
RNN:UA Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.
RSLS:UW ReShape Lifesciences Inc
RTIX:UW RTI Surgical Inc
RTRX:UW Retrophin Inc
RTTR:UW Ritter Pharmaceuticals Inc
RVNC:UW Revance Therapeutics Inc
RVP:UA Retractable Technologies Inc
RWLK:UW Rewalk Robotics Ltd
RYTM:UW Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SAGE:UW Sage Therapeutics Inc
SBBP:UW Strongbridge Biopharma plc
SBOT:UW Stellar Biotechnologies Inc
SBPH:UW Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals Inc
SCYX:UW Scynexis Inc
SELB:UW Selecta Biosciences Inc
SEM:UN Select Medical Holdings Corporation
SESN:UW Sesen Bio Inc.
SGEN:UW Seattle Genetics Inc
SGMO:UW Sangamo Therapeutics Inc
SGRY:UW Surgery Partners Inc
SGYP:UW Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc
SHPG:UW Shire Plc.
SIEN:UW Sientra Inc
SIGA:UW SIGA Technologies Inc
SKBI:UW Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company
SLNO:UW Soleno Therapeutics Inc
SLNOW:UW Soleno Therapeutics Inc
SLS:UW SELLAS Life Sciences Group Inc
SMLR:UW Semler Scientific Inc
SMMT:UW Summit Therapeutics Plc
SNDX:UW Syndax Pharmaceuticals Inc
SNGX:UW Soligenix Inc
SNGXW:UW Soligenix Inc
SNN:UN Smith & Nephew plc
SNNA:UW Sienna Biopharmaceuticals Inc
SNOA:UW Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SNOAW:UW Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SNSS:UW Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc
SNY:UN Sanofi
SPHS:UW Sophiris Bio Inc
SPNE:UW SeaSpine Holdings Corp
SPPI:UW Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SRDX:UW Surmodics, Inc.
SRNE:UW Sorrento Therapeutics Inc
SRPT:UW Sarepta Therapeutics Inc
SRRA:UW Sierra Oncology Inc
SRTS:UW Sensus Healthcare Inc
SRTSW:UW Sensus Healthcare Inc
SSKN:UW STRATA Skin Sciences Inc
SSY:UA Sunlink Health Systems Inc
STAA:UW Staar Surgical Co.
STE:UN Steris Plc
STML:UW Stemline Therapeutics Inc
STXS:UW Stereotaxis Inc
SUPN:UW Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc
SVA:UW Sinovac Biotech, Ltd.
SVRA:UW Savara Inc
SYBX:UW Synlogic Inc
SYK:UN Stryker Corp.
SYN:UA Synthetic Biologics Inc
SYRS:UW Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc.
TARO:UN Taro Pharmaceutical Industries
TBPH:UW Theravance Biopharma Inc
TCMD:UW Tactile Systems Technology Inc
TCON:UW TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc
TEAR:UW TearLab Corp
TECH:UW Bio-Techne Corp
TENX:UW Tenax Therapeutics Inc
TEVA:UN Teva- Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
TFX:UN Teleflex Incorporated
TGTX:UW TG Therapeutics Inc
THC:UN Tenet Healthcare Corp.
THOR:UW Thoratec Corporation
TLGT:UW Teligent Inc
TMO:UN Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
TNDM:UW Tandem Diabetes Care Inc
TNXP:UW Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
TOCA:UW Tocagen Inc
TRIB:UW Trinity Biotech Plc
TRIL:UW Trillium Therapeutics Inc
TROV:UW TrovaGene Inc
TRVN:UW Trevena Inc
TRXC:UA TransEnterix Inc
TSRO:UW Tesaro Inc
TTNP:UW Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (de)
TTOO:UW T2 Biosystems Inc
TTPH:UW Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc
TVTY:UW Tivity Health Inc
TXMD:UW TherapeuticsMD Inc
TYHT:UW Shineco Inc
TYME:UW Tyme Technologies Inc
UAHC:UW United American Healthcare Corp.
UHS:UN Universal Health Services, Inc.
ULGX:UW 21st North Inc
UNH:UN Unitedhealth Group Inc
URGN:UW UroGen Pharma Ltd
USNA:UN Usana Health Sciences Inc
USPH:UN U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.
UTHR:UW United Therapeutics Corp
UTMD:UW Utah Medical Products, Inc.
VAR:UN Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
VASO:UW Vaso Corp
VBIV:UW VBI Vaccines Inc.
VBLT:UW Vascular Biogenics Ltd
VCEL:UW Vericel Corp
VCYT:UW Veracyte Inc
VIAP:UW Via Pharmaceuticals Inc
VICL:UW Vical, Inc.
VIVE:UW Viveve Medical Inc
VIVO:UW Meridian Bioscience Inc.
VKTX:UW Viking Therapeutics Inc
VKTXW:UW Viking Therapeutics Inc
VLRX:UW Valeritas Holdings Inc
VNDA:UW Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc
VNRX:UA VolitionRX Ltd
VRAY:UW ViewRay Inc.
VRML:UW Vermillion Inc
VRNA:UW Verona Pharma Plc
VRTX:UW Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
VSTM:UW Verastem Inc
VTGN:UW VistaGen Therapeutics Inc
VTL:UW Vital Therapies Inc
VTVT:UW vTv Therapeutics Inc
VVUS:UW Vivus Inc
VXRT:UW Vaxart Inc
VYGR:UW Voyager Therapeutics Inc
WAT:UN Waters Corp.
WCG:UN Wellcare Health Plans Inc.
WMGIZ:UW Wright Medical Group N. V.
WST:UN West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
WVE:UW Wave Life Sciences Ltd.
XBIT:UW XBiotech Inc
XENE:UW Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc
XENT:UW Intersect ENT Inc
XLRN:UW Acceleron Pharma Inc
XNCR:UW Xencor Inc
XON:UN Intrexon Corp
XTLB:UW X.T.L. Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
XTNT:UA Xtant Medical Holdings Inc
XXII:UA 22nd Century Group Inc
ZBH:UN Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc
ZEAL:UW Zealand Pharma A/S.
ZFGN:UW Zafgen Inc
ZGNX:UW Zogenix Inc
ZIOP:UW Ziopharm Oncology, Inc.
ZLAB:UW Zai Lab Ltd
ZSAN:UW Zosano Pharma Corp
ZTS:UN Zoetis Inc
ZYNE:UW Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc