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Real-Time Cryptocurrency Prices

Provided by Cryptoquote

Real-Time Prices

In partnership with Cryptoquote, a leading provider of accurate and timely cryptocurrency data APIs, we are now offering a high-performance real-time level 1, level 2 and historical cryptocurrency data feed API.

The Cryptoquote API supports real-time streaming access to over 1,000 cryptocurrency markets from 20 major exchanges, such as Bitstamp, Binance, Bitfinex,, Poloniex, and Gemini.

This also includes access to historical time series data per exchange, including tick since January 2018 to current, n-minute bar data up to 4 years, hourly bar data up to 4 years, and daily bar data since coin inception from each cryptocurrency pair supported on a per exchange offering. In addition, a coin logo API and related daily price metrics (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, $change, %change) are also provided via API.

How Do I Use This Data?

  • Stream real-time level 1 and level 2 data into quoteboards or charts 
  • Use historical data to back-fill charts with time-series bar database
  • Build content into websites or apps 
  • Back-test trading strategies 
  • Run trading strategies using real-time data 
  • Convert cryptocurrencies to fiat or other assets 

To learn more about this data and see additional real-world applications, check out this Real-Time Cryptocurrency article. 

Flexible Access

Real-time prices are accessible via WebSocket and a REST Web API. For enterprise solutions or level 2 streaming data, please contact us via chat or at

A subscription to the feed includes all of the following data distribution methods: 

  • 1 pure WebSocket API for real-time level 1 streaming data
  • 1 REST API that allows for the pull of all cryptocurrency pairs supported in real-time at the current time in JSON or CSV format
  • 1 historical REST API that allows access to 3 months of price history from every cryptocurrency supported by Cryptoquote per exchange. This is crucial as it allows for the building of charts to discover arbitrage opportunities or backtest algorithms to find these opportunities. This historical data contains the following intervals:
    • Tick since January 2018
    • N-Minute bar data up to 4 years
    • Hourly bar data up to 4 years
    • Daily bar data since coin inception
  • Coin logo API
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about this data feed. We have also curated some resources to help you get started, listed on the right. As always, feel free to chat with us if you have any questions.
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Please see the Google Doc below with one sheet listing out all exchanges covered, and another listing out all symbols:

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