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Nasdaq Basic Intraday Prices

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Nasdaq Basic is a 15 minute delayed data feed that offers Last Sale and bid/ask data for Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE AMEX and NYSE Arca-listed securities from the NASDAQ Market Center (the most liquid U.S. exchange) and the FINRA/NASDAQ TRF.

With Nasdaq Basic, you get access to intraday prices that are extremely accurate at a fraction of the cost of other intraday data feeds.


The Nasdaq has by far the largest share of the U.S. markets, every day. This means that our pricing is extremely accurate. Quotes are within 1% of the NBBO 99.22% of the time. In addition, Nasdaq Basic includes consolidated volume from all market venues.

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  • Intraday Stock Prices for US Securities
  • Significant Cost Savings (save an average of 75% off your Level 1 fees)
  • Bid, Ask, Last Price, Volume

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Nasdaq Basic Intraday Prices

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