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Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events
Data Feed
Corporate Events, Upcoming Dividends, Earnings Dates, Conference Calls
Web API, Excel, Google Sheets
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Easy, Reliable Access to Corporate Events

Serious investors need to know when a company is going to pay a dividend, release its earnings, or have a call with investors. Thanks to Wall Street Horizon’s relentless attention to accuracy, the Corporate Events data feed is the most dependable way to stay informed about these dates. With more than 25 data points for corporate actions dates, users of this data feed can keep track of important dates for thousands of companies.

  • Corporate action dates for 6,000+ companies
  • 25+ data points available
  • Dividend pay dates, ex-dates, currency, amount, frequency
  • US and Global Securities
  • Upcoming earnings dates
  • Conference call dates, broadcast URLs
  • Company information such as website and stock exchange 
  • Earnings Dates

Automate Date Analysis

Pairing Wall Street Horizon’s corporate date data with Intrinio’s access methods makes it easy to systematically track events. Developers can integrate data into their applications via API, and analysts can automatically update their spreadsheets via Excel. Google Sheets and CSV access make it simple to collaborate and download data for back testing.



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Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events
Data Feed


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