US Executive Contacts & Compensation
Data Feed
Contact and Compensation Data for US Executives and Officers
Web API, Excel, Google Sheets
Individuals $25/mo, Professionals $100/mo, Startups $300/mo, Enterprises Custom

Get Details For US Execs

The US Executive Contacts And Compensation data feed provides access to detailed information for not only the executives and directors at US companies, but for officers, board members, and other key figures in the organization.

  • 1,300+ new contacts each month
  • 4,604 companies and 52,804 contacts in North America
  • Direct emails for 75% of contacts, Direct phone for 27%
  • Data for CEO, CFO, Corporate Secretary, General Counsel, Treasurer, Investor Relations Officer, Corporate Development/Strategy, Board Members
  • Compensation data including 4 years of history, salary, bonus, options

Understand Who Is Running The Show

Compensation data and contacts enable subscribers of this data feed to get in touch with crucial business leaders. Systematically track how much executives get paid as well as when they leave the firm via API or in Excel.


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US Executive Contacts & Compensation
Data Feed


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