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Analyze EOD Options Prices

The Trade Alert US Option Prices data feed brings end of day options prices from the United States directly to Excel or API, allowing developers and analysts to build apps and systematic analyses in Excel. Prices are released every morning. Users can access the most recent close data and historical data are available.

  • Close Price, Closing Bid, Closing Ask
  • Close Volume, Close Bid Volume, Close Ask Volume
  • Implied Volatility
  • Open Interest
  • Count of Daily Trades
  • Coverage for all US Securities
  • Current and Historical Prices Dating to 2008

Fuel Your Options Strategy

If you have been searching for a data feed that makes EOD options prices affordable and easy to access for your application or spreadsheet analysis, look no further. The Trade Alert US Options data feed does the heavy lifting, providing validated and systematic price and volume data so you can stop spending your time collecting and organizing data and get to work analyzing it.


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Trade Alert US Option Prices
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