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TipRanks Blogger Ratings
Data Feed
Buy and Sell Opinions
Excel, Google Sheets, Web API
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Track the Insights of Market Experts

The TipRanks Blogger Ratings data feed provides buy and sell opinions from financial bloggers along with their respective blogs. Back testing options allow users to determine the accuracy of past opinions for bloggers  and blogs as a whole.

  • Buy and sell opinions from bloggers
  • Historical Data available (Contact Us)
  • Coverage for US stocks
  • Screen securities based on blogger opinions

Effortlessly Consult Experts

TipRanks scans the internet for posts related to the stocks you are interested in, tracking changes in volume that could indicate upcoming volatility. TipRanks makes it easy to include the insights of the bloggers in your models. These are the individuals who create a reputation by studying the stocks you want to invest in. Use this data feed to access their buy and sell opinions via Excel add-in, web API, and Google Sheets. Track the successes and failures of the experts using TipRanks' unique ID system to determine whose recommendations to trust.


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TipRanks Blogger Ratings
Data Feed


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