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OPRA Real-Time Options Prices

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Easy Access to Real-time Options Prices

This data feed provides real-time options prices from the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA). OPRA consolidates options prices from exchanges that trade options and makes that data available in a low latency format for investors and developers that need streaming, intra-day quotes for the latest ask, bid, and sale price for options contracts.

Information about OPRA data

The information available through OPRA consists of "last sale reports" (price, volume and related information with respect to completed transactions in eligible securities effected on one of the OPRA Participant exchanges), "quotation information" (bids and offers and related information pertaining to quotations in eligible securities available for trading on one of the OPRA Participant exchanges), other related information with respect to trading on the OPRA Participant exchanges.

Flexible Access

OPRA’s Real-Time Options data feed combines low latency, reliable exchange data with Intrinio’s easy to use Real-Time WebSocket SDKs. All users benefit from free chat support as well as helpful documentation. Real-time data doesn’t get any more affordable or accessible. We also have an API “firehose” solution for enterprise clients that will stream all price updates to your server directly.

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  • Aggregated prices from 15 exchanges
  • NYSE, CBOE, NASDAQ, C2, BATS, and more
  • Equity and index options
  • Last sale reports include price and volume for all trades
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