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NYSE CTA Tape A Real-Time Stock Prices
Provided by QUODD
Description & Pricing


The NYSE – CTA Tape A feed is a real-time data feed that offers consolidated Last Sale and consolidated national best bid/ask data for securities on the New York Stock Exchange.

With NYSE Tape A, you get access to real-time composite prices comprised of the CTA market participants. 

Facts about CTA data disseminated through SIP / Consolidated Tape

The Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) oversees the dissemination of real-time trade and quote information in New York Stock Exchange LLC (Network A) and Bats, NYSE Arca, NYSE American and other regional exchange (Network B) listed securities. 

The Securities Information Processor (SIP) links the U.S. markets by processing and consolidating all protected bid/ask quotes and trades from every trading venue into a single, easily consumed data feed.

The SIP disseminates and calculates critical regulatory information including the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO), and Limit Up Limit Down (LULD) price bands among other important regulatory information such as short sale restrictions, and regulatory halts.

Millions of professional and nonprofessional investors have access to real-time prices via the consolidated tapes.

The consolidated tapes simplify compliance and implementation with regulations such as Reg NMS, short sale, limit up/limit down and best execution.


Real-time prices are accessible to individuals and pros through our Real-Time WebSocket SDKs.  We also have an API “firehose” solution for enterprise clients that will stream all price updates to your server directly.

  • CTA Tape A – Last Sale: Provides trade data from the CTA participants for securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • CTA Tape A – Bid/Ask: Provides best bid and offer (BBO) quotes form CTA participant as well as the consolidated national best bid and offer (NBBO) quotes for securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
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