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Global Corporate Actions
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Track the Business Moves that Impact You

The Exchange Data International Corporate Actions Data feed provides daily updates for actions taken by the securities in your portfolio. Whether you need to know when a stock issues a dividend or a firm amends it’s filing, this data feed will keep you in the loop and ahead of the market. 


An Eye Into the Board Room

Investors need to know any time the management of a publicly traded company or security makes a decision that materially impacts shareholders or bondholders. Scanning the Internet, sifting through documents, and examining filings manually is not only inefficient, it could be inaccurate. Exchange Data International has done the hard work of validating and aggregating the latest data for you, allowing for fast, accurate analysis of the corporate actions impacting your portfolio in API format. 


This data is available via Web API.

  • 130,000+ securities
  • Coverage for 24 countries and 30 stock exchanges globally
  • 45+ types of corporate actions 
  • Announcements and Annual Shareholder Meetings
  • Ex-date, Dividend pay date, Splits
  • Buy Backs
  • M&A and Takeovers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Notes
  • And much more
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What data is included in the feed? How many corporate actions does it cover?
How much history is available?
  • The default plan gives you 6 months of history. Extended history is available upon request.
What is the price of this feed?
  • The feed is divided into countries, so you can pick and choose exactly the markets you need. For a quote, please message us with the list of countries you're interested in and how much history you need: Chat with us

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