US Public Company Financials
Data Feed
Standardized Financial Statements, Stock Prices, News, Valuation Ratios
Excel, Google Sheets, Excel Screener, Web API
Basic free, Developers free, Individuals $40/mo, Professionals $100/mo, Startups $250/mo

Powering Fundamental Equity Analysis

The US Public Company Financial Data Feed provides the bread and butter data of the financial world in the meat and potatoes formats of the analytics world: API, Excel, and Google Sheets. Its all of the data you need to analyze a stock, build a watchlist, or enhance an application with live data about securities. We've priced this data to be disruptively affordable because we know the real value isn't in the data - it's in your analysis. 

  • Basic Company Information
  • Last Stock Price Data
  • Historical Stock Price Data
  • Standardized Financial Statements
  • As-Reported Financial Statements
  • Hundreds of Metrics & Ratios
  • Market Capitalization
  • Historical Time Series Data
  • Pricing Data for 13 Indices
  • Company News
  • Company Filings

Features without rigamarole

Developers, startups, and enterprises using the feed can redistribute the data to their own end users without additional fees. Instant chat support is included with all plans. Individual plans have no contracts and developers can self sign up to avoid pushy salespeople.  With no middlemen between you and the data, human error and data delays won't impact your analysis. 


40 mo
100 mo
250 mo
600 mo


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