Data Tags
GreenSight Executive Compensation
Name Tag Type Units
All Other Compensation comp_all_other Compensation Number
The value of all other compensation not otherwise accounted for in the other categories.
Bonus comp_bonus Compensation Number
The bonus for the executive.
Cash Paid comp_cash_paid Compensation Number
The amount of cash paid out to the executive not considered a salary or bonus.
Compensation Currency comp_currency Compensation String
The currency of the compensation for the executive.
Compensation Denomination comp_denomination Compensation String
The currency denomination: Absolute | Thousands | Millions.
Director Compensation comp_director Compensation True/False
A boolean, representing whether the compensation includes or is exclusively for a directorship.
Compensation Meeting Date comp_meeting_date Compensation Date
The date of the Board of Directors meeting where the executives compensation package was determined.
Non-Equity Incentive Plan comp_non_eqty_incentive_plan Compensation Number
The value of any non-equity incentive plan benefits.
Option Awards comp_option_awards Compensation Number
The total value of all option grants at their fair market value.
Pension Non-Qualifying Deferred Compensation comp_pension_nqdc Compensation Number
The value of pension benefit contributions.
Compensation Proxy Year comp_proxy_year Compensation String
The proxy when the compensation is disclosed.
Salary comp_salary Compensation Number
The established salary of the executive.
Stock Awards comp_stock_awards Compensation Number
The total value of all stock grants.
Total Compensation comp_total_summary Compensation Number
The total value of all compensation for the fiscal year.
Compensation Year comp_year Compensation String
The fiscal year of the executive’s compensation package.