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Purchase Forex Prices, 18+ Years, Daily

Historical daily FX data with 18+ years of history as of the date of download. Includes market activity data, not sale data, so you will only see bids and asks. However, the spreads will be incredibly low, so you can always obtain the price by taking an average of the bid and ask at any time. Covers 39 currency pairs, including majors and exotics.

Usage of the data is subject to the Intrinio Data Download Redistribution License

Below are the files you will receive upon purchase. The data will be in CSV format.

forex_prices_AUDCAD_D1.zip 119.3 KB
forex_prices_AUDCHF_D1.zip 137.6 KB
forex_prices_AUDJPY_D1.zip 118.8 KB
forex_prices_AUDNZD_D1.zip 132.9 KB
forex_prices_AUDUSD_D1.zip 115.6 KB
forex_prices_CADCHF_D1.zip 78.5 KB
forex_prices_CADJPY_D1.zip 135.3 KB
forex_prices_CHFJPY_D1.zip 118.7 KB
forex_prices_EURAUD_D1.zip 124.8 KB
forex_prices_EURCAD_D1.zip 123.7 KB
forex_prices_EURCHF_D1.zip 111.9 KB
forex_prices_EURGBP_D1.zip 111.8 KB
forex_prices_EURJPY_D1.zip 122.8 KB
forex_prices_EURNOK_D1.zip 87.2 KB
forex_prices_EURNZD_D1.zip 142 KB
forex_prices_EURSEK_D1.zip 87.7 KB
forex_prices_EURTRY_D1.zip 84.3 KB
forex_prices_EURUSD_D1.zip 121.3 KB
forex_prices_GBPAUD_D1.zip 144.7 KB
forex_prices_GBPCAD_D1.zip 143.6 KB
forex_prices_GBPCHF_D1.zip 124.3 KB
forex_prices_GBPJPY_D1.zip 124.5 KB
forex_prices_GBPNZD_D1.zip 145.4 KB
forex_prices_GBPUSD_D1.zip 120.3 KB
forex_prices_NZDCAD_D1.zip 78.7 KB
forex_prices_NZDCHF_D1.zip 78.6 KB
forex_prices_NZDJPY_D1.zip 132.5 KB
forex_prices_NZDUSD_D1.zip 115.7 KB
forex_prices_TRYJPY_D1.zip 59.6 KB
forex_prices_USDCAD_D1.zip 116.8 KB
forex_prices_USDCHF_D1.zip 118.3 KB
forex_prices_USDCNH_D1.zip 48.8 KB
forex_prices_USDHKD_D1.zip 77 KB
forex_prices_USDJPY_D1.zip 116.5 KB
forex_prices_USDMXN_D1.zip 84.5 KB
forex_prices_USDNOK_D1.zip 88.7 KB
forex_prices_USDSEK_D1.zip 89.8 KB
forex_prices_USDTRY_D1.zip 83.3 KB
forex_prices_USDZAR_D1.zip 87.9 KB
forex_prices_ZARJPY_D1.zip 70.8 KB


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