Introducing Intrinio Essentials

Sarah Miller
August 3, 2021

Intrinio was founded with a mission to power the innovators defining the future of finance. That means getting data to startups in a smarter, more efficient, and more affordable way than traditional providers. It also means developing cutting-edge systems and tools for creators and developers looking to disrupt the system.  

Basically, Intrinio was founded by innovators, for innovators. Continuing our history of powering startups, Intrinio has launched a new essentials program which makes it easier and more affordable than ever to use our data to power your next big idea.  

What is Intrinio Essentials?

Intrinio Essentials is a data solution created as an incubator for startups, giving you the data you need without the hefty price tag that comes with big name providers. It’s easily integrated into whatever you’re building, and highly scalable, meaning that we can accommodate your data needs as you grow.  

What’s included?

Intrinio Essentials comes in three forms: Essentials Fundamentals, Essentials EOD Pricing, and Essentials Complete, all of which give your startup full internal use and external licensing rights.  

Essential Fundamentals includes:

  • Current standardized & as-reported financials  
  • Rolling 3 years history
  • Company metadata  
  • Company news  

Essentials EOD Pricing includes:

  • US real-time & EOD equity pricing & technical indicators  
  • Rolling 5 years history
  • Security reference data

Essentials Complete is our most comprehensive Essentials offering, combining fundamentals and EOD pricing data into one bundle. Plus, it extends history to rolling 5 years for fundamentals and rolling 15 years for EOD pricing.

All bundles are available through our Web API for up to 300 calls a minute.  

Why choose Intrinio Essentials?

Intrinio Essentials gives your startup access to the data you need, at an affordable price that you won’t see elsewhere. You’ll have access to ticketing, so if there’s a problem, a team member can assist you.  

When you're ready for more data, it’s a seamless transition to the full Intrinio suite, and our customer success team will be well versed in your specific case. We are data experts and love powering innovators -- and we can’t wait to meet you.  

What if I want other types of data?

Currently, our Essentials packages don’t include options, ETF data, or other types of data, but that data is still available through a partnership with Intrinio. To learn more about our other data feeds, request a consultation with our team.  

Ready to get started with Intrinio Essentials? Compare plans and sign up on the Essentials page.

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