How Does Intrinio Help You Source Financial Data?

Chelsea Caltuna
January 11, 2021

There are hundreds of financial data providers, and you almost certainly don’t have time to sort through every single vendor and feed to find the right fit for your business.

Intrinio’s goal has always been to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients to make their financial data process as painless as possible. Although we no longer operate our financial data marketplace, we still have an extensive network of trusted data partners.

Here’s a look into how our data sourcing services work, and what financial data we can provide through our partners.

Our Partner Network + Our Expertise

While fintechs and other financial services companies come to us for our enterprise-quality US fundamentals and market data, they often need supplementary feeds. Over the past several years, we’ve built strong relationships with the best financial data providers on the market. From big names like ICE to specialty data vendors, our team has industry connections for a huge range of financial data.

In addition to these relationships, you’ll get our team’s expertise. We’ve been through the licensing process thousands of times and can recommend the most cost-effective solution for your business. Instead of spending months sorting through products and vendors, you can request a consultation with our business development team and explain your business need (data type, history, coverage, access method, etc.). Then, our data experts match you up with the right partner and connect you directly to that provider’s sales team.

We offer dozens of third-party feeds through the Intrinio API. For feeds that are not integrated with our platform, we’ll help you understand the available access methods and other details. Our team reduces the stress of the sales process by helping you find the best solution for your needs right off the bat and providing an overview of the associated costs and requirements.

Plus, you’ll get the benefits of Intrinio’s world-class customer support. For select feeds, this means access to:

  • A ticketing system for technical issues and US-based live chat
  • Direct email and phone access to your customer success manger
  • Technical support from our CTO and engineering staff

What Our Partners Offer

Here’s a brief overview of the types of data our partners can provide. Don’t see the data you need? Talk to our team – we can help you source the right financial data for your business.

International Market Data
  • Real-time and delayed prices
  • Historical tick, intraday, and end of day prices
  • Global real-time, delayed, and historical prices and Greeks
  • Global real-time and historical news, press releases, and research
  • Global news indicators, indexing, scoring, and sentiment
Mutual Funds
  • US current and historical pricing and corporate actions data
  • US holdings, reference, and metadata
  • Global executive contacts and compensation
  • Advanced healthcare insights and analytics
  • US and Canadian analyst ratings and price targets
  • Forecasting and valuation reports
  • News and blogger ratings and sentiment
  • ESG ratings
  • NLP generated insights and predictions from earnings releases and the SEC 10-K statement
  • Real-time trade sentiment
  • Machine learning stock ranking and indicator scoring
  • Crowdsourced value prediction index for price movements
  • Forex price, volume, and trading analytics and sentiment data
  • Global real-time and historical prices
  • Global real-time, delayed, and historical prices
  • Global metadata, reference data, and corporate actions
  • US and Canadian current and historical holdings
  • US and Canadian current returns and analytics
  • Forecasting and valuation reports
  • Real-time and historical sentiment
  • US and Canadian historical and forward EPS and revenue estimates
  • Global dividend forecasts and estimates
Corporate Actions
  • US and Canadian historical and forward EPS and revenue estimates
  • Global dividend forecasts and estimates
  • Global historical and forward economic series and calendar data
  • Global historical and forward market holidays and timings
  • Global historical and forward corporate events
Fixed Income
  • Global real-time, delayed, and historical prices
  • Global evaluated pricing and reference data
  • Municipal and corporate bond pricing modeling and analytics
  • Pre and post trade corporate bond data
  • Broker quotes from 400+ global dealers
  • Real-time and delayed prices
  • Historical tick, intraday, and end of day prices
  • Price, volume, and trading analytics and sentiment data

Take the stress out of sourcing financial data and request a consultation with our team to find the right data for your business.

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