Big Changes are Coming to Intrinio

Chelsea Caltuna
July 30, 2020

Things are changing at Intrinio…for the better (we promise). Here’s a rundown of what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what it means for you.

What’s Changing

Our Core Products

We’ve bid a fond farewell to our Financial Data Marketplace and refocused on our core financial datasets. Narrowing our attention to a compact list of data products enables us to devote our full energy and expertise to providing strong data quality, cutting-edge tools, and premium support.

(If you’re already an Intrinio customer, don’t worry – existing subscriptions will not be affected.)

Here’s an overview of our core products, along with links to our website for more information:


We offer standardized and as-reported financials for 9,000+ publicly traded companies. Leveraging our industry-leading XBRL expertise and proprietary machine learning infrastructure, we map financials to standardized templates, enabling direct comparison across companies and fiscal periods. (We’ve seen more than 30,000 distinct tags used in XBRL filings – we cut that down to fewer than 300 tags in the Intrinio taxonomy.)

Explore Fundamentals 

Market Data 

We provide real-time, delayed, intraday, and historical market data, as well as technicals, for US securities. Our market data is available in multiple flexible formats, including Web API, WebSocket, bulk downloads, and direct database access. We’ll leverage our internal feeds and extensive partner network to match you with the right market data solution for your needs.

Explore Market Data

Our Third-Party Data

Although we’re no longer operating the Financial Data Marketplace, we still have an extensive network of trusted data partners. We’re now offering data sourcing services to our business clients.

Instead of spending months sorting through products and vendors, simply browse our catalog to find the data type you’re interested in and schedule a consultation with our team. We’ll match you with the best partner for your needs and connect you directly to that provider’s sales team.

Explore Third-Party Data 

Our Signup Process

We no longer offer the ability to self-subscribe to data feeds. New customers can request a consultation with our sales team to discuss their needs and build a custom data package. Existing customers should contact their dedicated account manager to add new data.

What’s Not Changing

Our Team

We’re still us…just more focused. Everyone you’ve enjoyed working with in the past is still here.

Our Support

Responsive, US-based chat support, a built-in ticketing system, dedicated account management – if there’s one thing that will never change, it’s our commitment to amazing support.

Our Tools

You can still leverage our powerful API, bulk downloads, direct database access, and more. We’re continuously improving our tools and technology to provide the best experience on the market for developers, engineers, and analysts.

What It Means for You

Current Intrinio Customers

Your existing subscriptions will not be affected. Individual users who are interested in adding or changing data feeds can request a consultation with our team. Business customers can reach out to their dedicated account manager with questions or to add/change data plans.

Prospective Intrinio Customers

Request a consultation with our sales team to make sure Intrinio is the right fit and get started building your custom data solution.

We encourage you to learn more about our core products, technology, and offerings for financial institutions, fintechs, and universities on our new site. You can request a consultation if you’re ready to get started. We can’t wait to work with you!

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