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Simplicity Trumps Complexity

Academic research has shown that only a few investment factors really work: value, momentum, yield and quality. Tickrz strips out the noise of investing so you can focus on the factors that really matter. Cut through the noise leveraging Tickrz' free tools.

Powerful yet Simple Investment Tools. For Free.

Tickrz provides 8 screens that revolve around these four important factors. Proprietary Tickrz rankings blend valuation, momentum and quality. The top 25% of the S&P 500 receive an "A" ranking. Whether you're an advisor, a portfloio manager or a novice investor, the friendly Tickrz Bot will guide you through the process, processing data and calculating risks behind the scenes for you. Investing is a challenging game to play, but Tickrz uses a disciplined and academic approach to prepare you.

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