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Automated Stock Trading Research

PriceSeries provides automated trading signals for professional traders that cover the lifetime of a trade, including buy, sell, and hold guidance. Proprietary, machine-driven algorithms rotate short term investments to manage market risk for quick returns, generating the best ROI for money managers.

Reduce Trade Complexity and Enhance Trade Control

View all the technical and statistical information you need on a single web page. Unique, proprietary technical indicators like the ReliabilityScore™, Adaptive stop loss, Top Picks, 2 years of actual trading history including losses, and more help you make quick and accurate decisions.

A 6-Step Machine Driven Process

  1. The PriceSeries system scans the market to identify new trading opportunities
  2. A stop loss value trade is algorithmically calculated to mitigate risk
  3. The system monitors the price action and issues a buy price for every trading opportunity
  4. The system monitors negative price action and issues a sell signal for any existing trades
  5. The stop loss order is executed at the set price, and the trader exits with higher profits and minimal risk
  6. After the trader exits, the stock continues to fall without impacting profit

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