Secure Business Information

Factom provides solutions for businesses looking to improve the transparency, compliance, security, and accuracy of data. Using blockchain technology Factom makes it easy for users to create an immutable record stored across a distributed network, negating the possibility of tampering or altering the data’s history. Applied to finance, their technology creates an authoritative record of stock prices, trades, earnings and other financial data.

  • Convert your document management system to a blockchain based solution
  • Eliminate lost documents and costly disputes
  • Reduce audit times
  • Secure physical documents on the blockchain
  • Eliminate duplicated documents
  • Simplify due diligence by reducing ambiguity

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Businesses can utilize Factom’s solutions to create a secure record for data types that have previously been subject to expensive problems. Unique IDs, documents, loans, and audit documents can be securely tagged and identified with indisputable accuracy. This level of clarity reduces the chances that hackers can steal an identifier or that auditors will find fault with a document.

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