Writing a New Rulebook
Our Mission: Meaning

Saving money and making time creates meaningful lives

Our mission is to make financial data affordable and easy to access so investors can save money and make time to build something meaningful. That meaning starts with models that lead to improved investment decisions and less time spent on data entry and calculation. Less busy work and better investments are not, however, the ends. They are the means to achieving the time and capital required to build something of meaning and value beyond money, something of intrinsic value for the individual as well as the world.

Our Vision: Wisdom

Building on data and information to deliver knowledge and wisdom

The Intrinio Fintech Marketplace is build on a foundation of financial data. We strive to keep growing this foundation by adding new data feeds. Data, however, isn't enough. We need fintech developers to build applications with that data that make it easier for investors to make good decisions. Our vision is to turn our marketplace into a thriving community of collaboration between data providers, developers, and investors who work together to transform the world of investing.

Our Value: Efficiency

Natural selection culls the inefficient in a competitive investment landscape

Intrinio exists because traditional financial data providers are slow, cumbersome mammoths. The efficencies we have achieved in automated data collection and analysis are built to create an extinction event in the fintech space. The lean, mean, financial machines that survive will terraform a new investment landscape where all investors are empowered to spend their time in meaningful ways, accessing data and building models that are affordable and effective because they are efficient.

Our Dynamic: Teamwork
Rachel Carpenter
Rachel Carpenter
Co-Founder & CEO
Rachel graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BBA in both Finance and Management/Human Resources and minors in Spanish and European Studies. She is an advanced front end web developer and a graduate of The Starter League Advanced HTML & CSS web design course, with expertise in HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, UX and responsive web design and a basic understanding of the Ruby Padrino web framework. Rachel gained experience in HR, marketing, digital marketing strategies and digital advertising and managing teams through positions with Epic Systems Corporation (a healthcare software firm), UW-Madison and the Tampa Bay Lightning/Storm.
Joey French
Joey French
Co-Founder, President & CFO
Joey is a CPA in Florida and gained experience in equity and debt valuation, security analysis, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, and corporate finance while employed at firms such as McGladrey, the SWIB, Swiss Re, and Precision Castparts. Joey is an advanced back-end web developer, with advanced knowledge of XBRL, Ruby Padrino, HAML/HTML5, CoffeeScript/JavaScript, PostgreSQL and VBA. He has earned both a Master of Accountancy degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Joey is a member of the AICPA and has won awards from the NFIB and the University of Wisconsin for his prior entrepreneurial venture, Frenchy Electronics.
Alex Solo
Alex Solo
Chief Technology Officer
Alex has built and shipped a diverse set of applications in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, social media, and enterprise solutions. He is familiar with a multitude of programming languages, paradigms, frameworks, and methodologies. Constantly learning and improving, he seeks to provide his people and products with a competitive edge. Alex now brings his technical expertise to the Intrinio team. He graduated with high honors from Wheaton College. When not wrangling code, Alex enjoys reading sci-fi novels and hiking with his wife and dog.
Conor Farley
Conor Farley
Director of Business Development
Conor graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Economics and International Studies. After college he worked as an IT consultant and at the Chicago Board of Trade. He later went on to get his Masters in Project Management from Louisiana State University. He is the first individual to connect self-efficacy with energy consumption and is published in the Journal of Architectural Engineering for his findings. Conor has experience in sales, project management and consulting (Chicago Board of Trade, CDW). When not streamlining CRM's and BD partnerships, Conor is an avid golfer, sailor, tennis player, and hunter.
Andrew Carpenter
Andrew Carpenter
Strategic Commander
Andrew brings his experience as a writer, industrial/organizational psychologist, and sales consultant to round out the Intrinio team. Andrew started his career as a wilderness therapist before becoming the Member Services Coordinator at the Wisconsin Alumni Association. His counseling and customer service skills, honed in the mountains of Utah and a cubicle in Wisconsin, complement the masters degree he earned in an I/O Psychology at the Colorado State University. Carpenter consults numerous businesses on sales processes and leadership development. As a published epic fantasy novelist and trained martial artist there is no customer in distress this dashing 21st century knight in shining armor cannot rescue.
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