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Writing a New Rulebook

Our Mission

To power a new age of universal financial technology by democratizing data.

Our Vision

Data is the foundation of finance. When it's restricted and expensive, innovation is squashed. When it's available and affordable to the masses, there is no limit to the innovations they will build. Anything is possible. We envision a future where with the right tools, innovators will create a brand new future for the financial industry. In that future, our ecosystem will unite investors and developers in harmony, empowering them to build the infrastructure, apps, websites, software, and technology that will transform finance forever. We can't wait to see what you build.

Our Value: Efficiency

Natural selection culls the inefficient in a competitive investment landscape

Intrinio exists because traditional financial data providers are slow, cumbersome mammoths. The efficencies we have achieved in automated data collection and analysis are built to create an extinction event in the fintech space. The lean, mean, financial machines that survive will terraform a new investment landscape where all investors are empowered to spend their time in meaningful ways, accessing data and building models that are affordable and effective because they are efficient.

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