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Our Mission: Tearing Down Roadblocks

You want the best, most complete financial data. You want to pay for only the information you need. You want to build something amazing and share it with your company, your clients, the world.

We can help.

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Our Vision: Paving New Paths

Data is the foundation of finance. When it's restricted and expensive, innovation is squashed. When it's available and affordable to the masses, anything is possible. Before, the only way to get financial data was from traditional providers, aka slow, cumbersome mammoths who made you jump through hoops and pay outrageous fees for data that was raw and riddled with errors.

That was then.

Our Customers: Innovators

Developers, entrepreneurs, investors, students and financial institutions use our data to power spreadsheets, quant models, fintech apps, websites, enterprise applications and more.


Trust our data feeds will be clean, standardized, normalized and comparable


Know they can count on the enterprise-grade reliability of our REST Web API

Private Investors

Get back the hours they spent manually downloading organizing data from SEC.gov

Professional Investors

Get back the money they overpaid to larger firms for data they had to manually standardize


Use our data to give finance students the opportunity to model real-world data in real time

Why You’ll Love Intrinio

Compared to other market data feed providers, our 300+ financial data feeds are:

More Affordable

Save up to $50,000 per month with our flexible a la carte options.

Less Restrictive

Depending on the plan you purchase, all the data can be redistributed without penalty or additional fees.

More Accessible

No more terminals. We are a cloud-first technology platform. Access our data from anywhere.

More Standardized

Spend less time building infrastructure, more time working on what matters.


Our average error rate hovers at around 0.2%.


We can process as-reported financials in five minutes, standardized financials in 10 and metrics and ratios in a half hour.

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We envision a future where innovators have the tools they need to disrupt the status quo. We envision a future where our ecosystem unites investors and developers, empowering them to build the infrastructure, apps, websites, software and technology that will transform finance forever.

We envision a future where the real value isn't in the numbers — it's in your analysis.

What will you build today?

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